10 Tips from AARP

Who would have ever thought AARP would offer advice that I would agree on 100%?????

If you think you’re in for another rigorous regimen of dieting and exercise, think again.  According to AARP– and yes, I am a baby boomer and member of AARP.  They “found me” exactly on my 50th birthday when I was living in Arizona.  I couldn’t believe that my invitation to join their organization arrived ON my birthday! Really????

Anyway, at age 55, soon to be 56 when I opened AARP’s latest news bulletin I thought their 10 Tips for Better Health would be a bunch of “hooey” for the older population…which of course, is not me. (Ha-ha…I do have an AARP card so I guess I am one of “those”.)  To my surprise, I actually like-even embrace and agree with all 10 of their suggestions.  What are your thoughts about AGING and BETTER HEALTH in the New Year?

1)      Throw a party:  Social connections, friends, family, neighbors or colleagues- can actually help you live longer and better!  One study suggests that poor social ties could play a more important role in determining longevity than even smoking, lack of exercise or obesity.  Cool….we love a party… With Nerium International we have “wine tasting, wrinkle chasing parties”!

2)      Adopt a pet.  Whether finned, feathered or furry, pets are good for your health.  That’s good news.  We have two “sister kitties” whose names are Luna and Soleil…born on the spring solstice.  Soleil, at this moment is lovingly laying with her tail on my laptop as I type this.  (companionship)

3)      Choose chocolate.  I have never been a huge fan of chocolate (not sure why) which really is strange for most women, however….I love ForeverGreen International’s deep dark 24 carat chocolate.  (Small wafers can be enjoyed bite by bite or by melting and dipping with favorite fruit!)

4)      Savor your coffee.  Enough said.  Do NOT take away my cup of morning java- and the good news, according to one study- coffee appears to lower the risk of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and pneumonia, according to news research from the National Institute of Health.  Just don’t overdo consumption or the addition of cream and sugar!

5)      Raise a glass of wine or beer.  No need to go into this….I am happy it is on the list.  I am sipping a glass of red wine as I write this.

6)      Have sex…..yahoo….great news.  Sex releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals that act as painkillers and reduce anxiety.  Sex also prompts the release of substances that bolster the immune system…and yes, the list goes on and on…

7)      Listen to your favorite music.  We can hear music even before we’re born, and we continue to respond to it all our lives.  Indeed. Music profoundly affects health.  Listening to your favorite music may be good for health.

8)      Take a nap.  Do NOT feel bad resting during the day.  A midafternoon nap can help improve mood, memory, alertness and learning.  Many companies that understand this even have chairs that recline and actually encourage their employees to take some ZZZZ’s in the afternoon.  Very cool.  If you are like me, you have a home based business where you can rest whenever you wish!

9)      Go au naturel…..and no, this doesn’t mean walking around in the buff (birthday suit) or skinny dipping….although that was my first thought.  Much like eating greens provides essential nutrients, so does seeing and being around green.  Enjoy the environment….get beyond concrete!

10)  Get off your soapbox.  Now what does this mean?  To save time, money and your health, stop using the high-octane soaps and household cleaners that contain the antibacterial agent triclosan.  Although this lengthy article had many reasons for this, the way I interpret it is to use all natural skin care products, including soap…after all the skin is the largest organ in the body and everything you put ON your skin gets absorbed INTO your body.   Instead use products from ForeverGreen International’s natural product line or have something custom made by my daughter, Kori, who is an aromatherapist/herbalist who creates natural products for the body.

Finally “Living a long and healthy life has a lot to do with living an enjoyable life” says Stein of the NYU School of Medicine.  This wonderful “professional” also adds one more to our list:  “At least once a week, buy yourself the present of spending time doing exactly what you want.”  GREAT advice!

AARP is all over it !

Come join us helping others attract the life they want.

Dave & Joy


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