Is YouTube Out of Control ?

Is YouTube Out of Control ?

I say it is.  We all love to be entertained and I love to watch funny videos.  The latest is The Flip Side….  But yesterday Youtube said 2 of my videos violated their terms of service! And suspended my account for 2 weeks. They wouldn’t say how.  I emailed them 4 times and kept getting a standard email back.  Here’s the whole story….

YouTube makes rules up as they go

I ran 2 videos on the opportunity I am in which is the Empower Network.  Now the 2 videos were me, a 56 year old guy sitting in my living room, talking about how we are generating free leads and how our comp plan passes up sales.   That’s it.  I didn’t hammer any other companies(hell I didn’t mention any).  What’s up YouTube?

So Why did YouTube suspend my account?

1.  They have gotten so big and powerful, they can suspend anyone tied to a company that is driving a lot of traffic to their own sites and away from the YouTube site. 2.  YouTube doesn’t make the same advertising income if I embed video to my blog.  Because i use YouTube the way they suggested when they were small trying to grow large, by encouraging people to embed and link to YouTube.  Now, if they are losing money, they say “we” are not the problem. The biggest peeve is that handle it with such arrogance.  We are bigger than you, so we make the rules. I believe YouTube’s approach in the long term, is going to create more sites popping up and taking market share from them.  And this should happen.  I’ve already begun signing up with 3 other services.

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