A Gym in a Parallel Universe

Imagine if the gender roles were reversed in the commercial gym!

This is one of the funniest videos I have ever seen.  Why is it so funny?

I think that the role reversal in an obvious stereotypical way, touches both genders.    Although we seem to put up with what we are familair with, the unfamilair roles reversal are funny.

A Gym is one of the last bastions…

where men can be men, and women can be women.  We get to see roles played out that aren’t as obvious in other parts of our lives. Like the office, a ball game, etc.   It seems as though we have permission to go further into our DNA and express what that is in a gym.  We see guys unabashedly flexing in a mirror, women with outfits they wouldn’t be caught dead in anywhere else in the world, but in a gym.

American director Jay Diaz did, and has created a short film which flips cliche gender roles that play out night after night at countless bars and nightclubs.

The Flip Side (Role Reversal in a Bar December 2011) has become an online sensation, with more than 2.2million viewers eager to see the roles of men and women switched on a night out.  

See you in the Gym!

Yes, I think pokes fun at incredibly stereo type roles in the reversal… it’s just damn funny!

Dave & Joy

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