Affirmations of God’s Plan in my Life

God’s Plan in my Life

Here are a few affirmations i have used to remind myself, my ego self of the greater good in the universe is actually in charge.

You can call this God, Universe, Light…  it really doesn’t matter.  The only thing that matters is your willingness to drop what you are certain of and move with the energy that is the basis of all there is.  Simply to have God’s Plan working in your life.

God’s Plan Affirmations

I Affirm God’s perfection in my life.  My intent is to live God’s plan for me and my life.  God’s life for me is my passions.

–         I trust God plan completely to bring me/show me my next step.

–         I‘ve surrendered to God’s perfect plan.

–         I follow God’s plan not money.

–         Everything God has for me is flowing to me now in greater amounts then I could ever imagined

–         My passions are obvious and show up easily and effortlessly.

–         I trust my life flow easily and I follow the energy.

–         I mirror God’s intention and everything flows to me.

–         I connect and hear God, I now connect by being like God.  Loving, forgiving and knowing.

–         I meditate Daily giving myself time to feel and be one with God’s Plan for me.

–         Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Do this everyday for 10 minutes and watch how easily you life begins to flow to and through you.

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