Attraction Marketing 101 Generating Leads

Generating Leads

How tired are you of people pitching you their business?  We’ve all seen this person, no matter the website, the time  of day or whether or not you are even open to a business.  How does that make you feel?  Has it ever been an effective way that you respond positively?

Have you found yourself pitching everyone and everything that moves?  We did!

So, how do you create new potential leads if you’re not pitching?

Here is an obvious insight:  The best leads for your business are already sold on a relationship marketing business (MLM).  Most people in another business are not have great success.  Could be timing, the product, lack of leadership or for most, they are not getting enough leads, quality leads who could assist them in growing their business.  Let’s test that….  Is that true for you?  Aren’t you still looking for success?  What if I had a way for you to be more successful in your current business, would you be open to some ideas to make that happen?

So, how do you do that?  You do this by giving them something of value.  We’ve just identified  the most important thing for their business and that is generating new, quality leads.

The constants in the relationship marketing industry are

1.  Most people are not finding the success they joined the company for

2.  Everybody is open to creating more income in their or any business

3.  Most do not have a system or a up line leader to teach and inspire them

These are real needs that people need fixed.

Solutions to Generating Leads and Solving their Problem

If you can offer a program that they can attract new leads, create more income, why would they want to hear about it?

You can choose to be an internet guru yourself or you can align with a company that offers and provides these needed fixes for them.  If you can do this, you will be creating new connections daily assisting others.  Now what if you could make an secondary income beyond your primary business you are in right now, from those people who you just turned on to how to generate new, quality leads for their business?


What if you found that a % of these people now want to do the business you are in?


Here is how we do this!  And you can take the system for a Test Drive!  We did and generated 6 new, quality leads in our first 24 hours for FREE!  Free works!
Attraction Marketing System
In fact this system offers 21 different distinct strategies for generating leads on Facebook, Linked-in, You Tube, Craig’s List,  pay per click methods with ads, capture pages, banners, webinars etc.

Start generating leads today and earn money while you do it!


Come join us helping others attract the life they want.  Our Attraction Marketing Program

Dave & Joy

“The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.” Simon Sinek

 Inspiring others to reach their potential.

To your Success,

Dave & Joy

Dave & Joy


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