Can a Woman of 50+ be too old for Beachbody’s P90X?

Can a Woman of 50+ be too old for Beachbody’s P90X?

 Almost 2 years ago, JUST before my 54th birthday, I viewed an infomercial on a fitness DVD Series called P90X.

I was not familiar with BEACH BODY, had NEVER done a fitness DVD program at HOME in my life (Perhaps mainly because I had worked at gyms- yes, even as a personal trainer- and had belonged to gyms most of my adult life!)…but this program caught my attention.  At that time I was actually working full time as manager of a local gym….but the thought of working out at home, in the comfort of own space- and not having to go into the gym before or staying after my shift became more appealing the more I thought of it….

I may have even GOOGLED P90X results for WOMEN to get inspired, I really don’t recall….but at that time in my life, I wanted a NEW challenge and to do something different than I had been doing over the past several years.  I wanted to WORK OUT AT HOME!

WHY DID I NEED P90X in the first place?

The end of 2007, Dave and I moved from Scottsdale Arizona back to Vermont to be here to support in the birth of our first granddaughter.  We had lived in warm climates for so many years and honestly, my BLOOD was thin and I was COLD – actually FREEZING the first winter!  Whatever the reason….and believe me- I HAD my excuses- I quickly packed on 10-15 pounds and I was not happy with how I looked and felt- in fact I was miserable.  As I look back the excuses I used for almost 2 years were pathetic… “I am a new grandmother…., I am over 50, I need some extra FAT to stay warm, I am in love and don’t most people GAIN weight when they first begin dating?”  And the pathetic list went on and on…

But…here is the thing…I am a woman of action and as soon as I saw this infomercial for P90X I realized this was a program that I wanted to do….and I didn’t want to wait even one day…so  I went on Craig’s List….found a used copy locally- and we began P90X on that Monday.

 Was P90X difficult?

Too hard for a woman- especially over 50 years old? I have to say it was NOT easy….in fact, it was challenging in so many ways…but the results were absolutely astonishing.  IN 90 days I added 6.2 lbs. of muscle, dropped 20.2 lbs. of fat and ended the program at a very healthy and strong weight of 132.  I was ON TOP of the world….I swore I would never go back to being out of shape or over weight…and back then after 90 days- I promise you I would not have traded my “new body” for $10,000….really!  Question:  go back to begin FAT and out of shape vs. $10,000 CASH on the spot….I was not buying!

Well, circumstances changed- as they often do… and I have gained some of my fat and weight back and I am not happy.  It was that damn pair of  jeans that I tried on last night- that didn’t go past my hips that made me decide TODAY that I am going to repeat P90X again…beginning on Monday.

I am excited…..I WANT to be STRONG and LEAN again and I will. P90X There is something about aging, turning older…when the actual NUMBER changes.  I will be 56 years old in February and by the time that day rolls around, I will be half way to my new and healthy self.  I am not beating myself up (well, I am trying not too) because I have a solution….it’s called DETERMINATION, DEDICATION, WILL POWER. My WHY is GOOD HEALTH- a STRONG and HEALTHY BODY and the ability to fit into my favorite clothes. P90X here I come!

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