Change Happens in an Instant

Change happens in an instant!

It takes no time at all.  Creating anything in life requires you to change your thoughts you have about yourself.  When you enter in to life from a new position, a new space, your choices change and your outer world must follow.

Change happens in an instant the moment you change “where you come from”   OK, what does that mean?   You can’t create a new results living life from old paradigms.   You have to change the space you operate from, and when you do, your choices change and your results must follow.

Here’s an example.  Years ago, I smoked 2 packs of cigarettes per day.  I “tryed” to quit but was always unable.  I’d be crabby for a couple of days, hate that I “had” to (no one was making me!!) and eventually I gave in, failed and starting smoking again!

Change Happens Instantly

I did stop smoking, but not in the way most people would do it.  I had always failed at quitting because I was coming from the space of a “Smoker” who was trying to quit.   there is a conflict between being a Smoker and quitting smoking.  they can’t co-exist.  One or the other must be true.  Do you see that?

Here is how to effectively create a change happens instantly.   Decide on what you want.  Now you can’t say I want to quit smoking, because the focus is still on Smoking.   I quit when I decided to be a non-smoker.  This was a new space for me.  As a smoker quiting I had to think through all of the possibilities as a smoker would about planning my day around not smoking, what would I do after a meal, or if I had a drink…  See I was still thinking like a smoker.

Change happens in an instant

I decided to be a non-smoker.   Now someone who doesn’t smoke, doesn’t even think about having a smoke upon waking up or a lunch or with a drink.  Coming from a position as a Non-smoker I had different choices available.  Choices that a smoker trying to quit does NOT have.

If you want to see change happens instantly, you have to step in to another space.  In to the space of the result you now want and live from that.

I stopped smoking instantly.  I had new choices, a new way of being, a new ground of being to come into the world and play.

Change Happens Instantly

You can apply this analogy to ANYTHING !  Don’t try to lose weight, choose to be your ideal weight and ask yourself at your ideal weight how you would operate in the world.  It changes everything and it changes it instantly!

When you enter in to life from a new position, a new space, your choices change and your outer world must follow.


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