Empower Your Decisions

Empower Your Decisions

Have you ever looked at the magic that happened in your life.  The small opportunities that you decided to follow a desire and your whole life changed?  Maybe its all the little decisions you made over the course of a year that led you to an event where you met your significant other? Moved? or started a new career?

The Magic of Your Decisions

When I say magic I’m not speaking about fluff and smoke… I mean the real magic of life.   How many of our small decisions have altered the course of our lives.  That’s real everyday magic.

Most people don’t look at their lives with enough distance to really see how these decisions have moved them in a direction.

The more I live life, the less I see these decisions are coincidence and the more they are appears synchronistic, organized, and orchestrated.  Wayne Dyer, has a great quote about how in geometry to coinciding angles are two angles that fit together perfectly.  Notice the root word coincide and coincidence.  Things happen for a reason.  The little decisions you make and if you look back over the course of a year or two or more you will begin to see how these little decisions have had huge impacts in the direction of your life.

Here’s a lesson that altered the course of life.


The Insight of Desire is simply asking for your Decision for you to Choose Freedom

My story illustrates the simple understanding that your desires come up in many ways.  They are your heart speaking to you.  Even if you choose not to listen or not to make a decision right now have you ever noticed your desires show up again and again and again.  It’s your heart that is looking to expand, to explore.

Look at what you desire.  Allow it.  Are you looking for freedom, whether it’s in the form of more money, more time, etc.  it’s what your heart desires for you to be free.  Most people don’t follow it and sadly they die with their music still in them.  How about you… are to ready for freedom in your life in however you describe it?

You deserve it.  Really get that and get that your heart is always moving you closer to who you are supposed to be.  By the way ….  what led you here to read and experience this?

A decision is simple…  just follow your desire!

Dave & Joy








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