Expectations and Doing What Ever it Takes

Expectations and Doing What Ever it Takes

What happens when you want something but its not working out on your schedule.  Do you quit, throw up your hands and curse God or circumstances, or your mother?   Do you digger deeper, push harder and fake it till you make it?  Or do you trust the flow that is your life?

Expectations and Doing What Ever it Takes

We all have the voices in our heads, some do sound like mom and dad, some like an older brother or sister or well meaning friend or relative.    All of these voices have one thing in common,  they are what you “should” do….. that may not be what is good for you to do!

I remember being tight financially in my life and walking into a bank to pull out $20 of my last $30 in my bank account and was concerned with what the teller might think!    The bank teller!   I had given the bank teller power.  WHAT ?   Has you ever had that happen?  where you have such a concern for others opinions it effects your moves and decisions.

Expectations and Doing What Ever it Takes

Want to get out of this cycle?

Stop living for others.  Easier said than done?  Here is the secret.

1.  Decide what you want.

2.  See yourself already possessing the characteristic or desire here and now.

3.  Here is the real secret – ACT as if.  I don’t mean fake it till you make it.  I mean act as if you already have this characteristic or desire.   This not about blowing smoke up someone’s backside(see the teller story above)….  it means really living it here now!

You will have results.

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Expectations and Doing What Ever it Takes

Expectations and Doing What Ever it Takes

Expectations and Doing What Ever it Takes

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