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The one thing the majority of us seem to be looking for is more energy! We’re constantly looking for pick-me-ups and stimulants to get us through our day, so we can complete our basic daily tasks. In August 2005 a product called FrequenseaFrequenSea was launched.  It is a nutritional tonic with marine phytoplankton, the microscopic algae in the ocean.  What I immediately noticed was this product is unique in that is balances both the physical body as well as the emotional body.  A balanced body is energetic and heals itself!

1)  Nutrient Deficiencies

One of the more common reasons for nagging fatigue is suboptimal vitamin stores or subclinical deficiencies. Often, due to poor diet, illness or poor food choices, we just don’t get the nutrients we need, in the amounts required, to maximize our vitamin and nutrient stores. This can lead to a depletion or deficiency of key vitamins, such as the B vitamins, which play an essential role in energy production on a cellular level.  The only product that I have personally found to support my total nutrition is FrequenSea, which in liquid form also gets assimilated in the body immediately.  I have tried other vitamin supplements- but prefer the pure quality-liquid delivery that FrequenSea offers.

2)  Lagging Metabolism

Our metabolism is the rate at which our internal body functions. We all have different metabolic rates, which can be affected by age, gender, amount of lean muscle in the body, genetics and physical activity. This is why some people can eat anything they like, while others seem to gain weight just looking at a slice of cake. Our metabolism is directly linked to our energy, so a sluggish metabolism generally means sluggish energy.

3)  Cellular Energy

When you get right down to it, energy is created through a series of reactions in our cells, specifically via our “mitochondria,” which is considered the powerhouse of the cell. Often, key nutrients required for energy production with our cells become deficient.   FrequenSea, upon consumption, goes immediately into the mitochondria…

Even a person with compromised digestive system can benefit from this amazing liquid vitamin/tonic.

This product contains a multitude of ingredients that play a role in energy production on many levels, impacting our cells, our metabolism and our adrenal glands, which moderate stress while gently stimulating energy production.

Why FrequenSea?

With so many options available today, we are often asked what makes FrequenSea so different from the rest of nutritional products available?

This is usually followed up with the question of why do people experience benefits so quickly when they have had little or no benefit from so many other products on the market?

It really breaks down to 3 core reasons:

1) Purity of Product

ForeverGreen International went to great lengths to ensure the purity of FrequenSea starting from the source of nutrients to the processing and preservation of FrequenSea.

– The AMP Process extracts complete nutrients and renders them water soluable without the use of heat or nutrient- harming solvents.

– No Chemical Preservatives (Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, etc.) Only 100% natural preservatives are used.

We have enough chemicals to avoid in our daily life, why have chemicals in your health products!

2) Balanced Whole food Nutrition

Because of the nutrient profile of Marine Phytoplankton, the cornerstone ingredient in FrequenSea, many medical sources have described Marine Phytoplankton as “the most perfect food source” and “completely life sustaining.”

These microscopic Marine Plants nourish the entire marine food web and have recently been documented by NASA to be responsible for up to 90 percent of the oxygen in which we breathe.

– With over 200 species of Marine Phytoplankton in FrequenSea (over 1 Billion Microscopic Marine Phytoplankton in each bottle), can you imagine the benefits of getting 200+ ocean vegetables in your diet every day!

– Full Spectrum of Vitamins, 72 Essential and Trace Minerals,

14 types of Amino Acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids, Enzymes, and much more…

– Powerful Antioxidant- Astaxanthin, a powerful biological antioxidant extracted from marine micro-algae, has been found to be at least 10 times more effective as an antioxidant than beta-carotene, has greater anti-inflammatory capability than Vitamin E, has at least 4 times the antioxidant capacity of Lutein, and provides superior protection against UVA light-induced oxidative stress.

3) Bio-Availability

Unlike pills and capsules where you will be lucky to receive 10-20% absorption, FrequenSea is instantly bioavailable the second you take a sip.

Because of the whole food nature of FrequenSea, Our cells immediately recognize the nutrients and the vital nutrition goes directly into our cells empowering our body to do what it knows how to do best.  Heal and repair!


Many people are literally replacing a fist-full of supplement pills with just one great tasting 1/2 ounce of FrequenSea each morning.

FrequenSea is the next evolution in Nutrient Delivery and for the first time in the history of mankind, the incredible nutrition of Marine Phytoplankton is being made available.

“Marine Phytoplankton is one of the most rare ingredients on the planet because it contains, in a concentrated form, almost everything you need for life or the rebuilding of a healthy life.”   -Jerry Tennant, MD.

The best way for you to truly understand the importance and power of this product is to try a bottle for yourself and witness firsthand how your body reacts.

Q: Can marine phytoplankton help with this or that ailment?

A: Marine phytoplankton is a super-food, so it can improve practically all conditions because of its action at the cellular level, the common ground of health and all diseases. Thinking “one drug, one disease” is an old paradigm. Research in nutrition has led many researchers to predict that nutrition interventions will take its rightful place at the cornerstone of clinical medicine.

There is nothing simpler than changing our diets and supplementing with a super-food like marine phytoplankton as many of us have already discovered. Take a quick peak at the nutritional properties of MPP, if you haven’t yet.

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