Funniest Dog Video – Why are People drawn to this?

Funniest Dog Video

Of all the videos on You Tube some of the most watched are on animals.  Not world events, not pressing social matters, but on Dogs!  I was researching most watched Videos and this one came up…  Funniest Dog Video.  This one has more than 27 million views!  (27 Million!!)

Dog Video

I thought this was hilarious!  What is it about animals that takes us away to another place.  Animals are so much a part of our lives.  Who do you know that doesn’t have a personal story about a dog?  I can’t think of anyone.

You can Google Dog Video

Or go to YouTube and search Funny Dog Video.  More will come up!

Get better grades watching Dog Videos!

In a study conducted by Hiroshima University, they showed images of baby animals to college students prior to completing tasks assigned to them. According to the Washington Post, 48 students were given the opportunity to play a children’s game that was much like Operation, placing body pieces into designated holes without touching the edges. They then were asked to“perform a visual search using number matrices.” Lastly, they tested participants’ focus. After viewing images of baby animals (puppies and kittens), both genders’ productivity increased drastically in contrast to those who did not. It’s interesting to note that dexterity also improved.

Have fun, laugh and be more productive!

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Dog Video Dog video

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