Lead Generation for Dummies

Lead Generation for Dummies – yes, you’re in the right place!

Wanting to market online but having problems like Where Do I even Start to learn Lead Generation?  I understand.  Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt!  The reality is that Internet marketing is not hard or all that complicated once you dig in and learn a couple of basics.  Remember how hard it was to first right a bicycle or drive a car with a clutch?   Same here, Little things practiced over and over.

Lead Generation Basics

First step in on line marketing is to identify why you are looking for the leads to find you.  I know most people say its to make money or grow my business, But that is just not good enough.   When ever YOU buy something, you relate and are attracted to the information that can assist you, not to the person selling it making money or growing their business.

I work my business to assist others in learning about Lead Generation so THEY can be successful, so THEY can earn more money, and so THEY can have the Life THEY want.  Do you see the difference.  This small difference will make all the difference in your success.  You are either selling for your profit or for their benefit.   You can tell the difference when you bump in to a sales person, don’t you think they can too?  “You can get everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.”  Zig Ziglar

Lead Generation Lesson 1 – Know Why You want to Assist Them

Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Don’t!  You don’t need to.   I know I’m the guy who has wanted to go it alone, figure it out myself……  BullS*@#.

Here are the basics:  Find a program to follow, Find a site, a person, a system to just plug in to!  That’s it!

Lead GenerationHere at the Empower Network we have a system that taught me, through a series of videos and documents, EXACTLY how to do Lead Generation.

We product tons of free leads everyday.  How?  Through our Blogging system(only $25 to join).  We blog(write) on lots of subjects that are near and dear to us.  It’s not always about business.  But it is always about connecting with others!

Here’s a Win-Win situation with Lead Generation

Create a way to promote a business and find a way to earn money promoting a business that shows others how to generate leads!  What if you had more than one way to generate income.  Ever heard of multiple streams of income?   What if you had a program to help people in their current business AND a way to assist everybody in a 2nd income?  Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Lead Generation for Everyone

Tired of running in to others in the network marketing business who don’t want to join your business?  Here at the Empower Network we show people how to earn money with their existing business and how to earn money with Empower!

If  you would like to learn how to share trending news, Youtube videos, and other crazy information and get paid to do it then you need to take a look at the Viral Blogging platform called Empower Network and learn how to get paid to do it!


(VIDEO) Empower Network Viral Blogging Platform


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Now that you have read my blog post here are the steps you need to take

Step 1

Click on this link and register to get more information

Step 2

Watch the video


Step 3

Fill out the form and register to get started. It’s only $25! 

Once you have registered you will receive a welcome e mail and will be given access to our exclusive “Private” team training website.

This training will give you detailed step by step training on the marketing tools and strategies you can use to generate the same top income I earn every month with Empower Network

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