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Lead Skimmer Review

Lead Skimmer is a slick program anyone can use to capture leads.  Developed by Geoff Stephen.  He has put together a simple capture/squeeze page that allows anyone without any experience to be able to capture leads and then tie the leads into your own autoresponder with any other business!

Lead Skimmer AutoResponders

Currently Lead Skimmer allows you to connect with 3 autoresponder services.  Aweber, GetResponse, and GlobalNPN’s Mail Marketer Pro.  Once a lead enters their information (and the Video capture page is simple and compelling …  most will enter their information.  Once in your list you can market any other business to them.

Watch the short presentation here



Lead Skimmer Options

You can Sign up for Lead Skimmer for Free or choose to participate in their affiliate program.  To participate in earnings, you will need to pay a one time fee of $44.95.  When your leads sign up as an affiliate, you will earn $25.

The coolest part of the program (watch the video) is for everyone to get qualified to earn, they must pass up their first 3 people.  These 1st 3 leads do NOT have to be paid members!   The reason this is exciting, is that everyone you bring in AND then everyone they bring in, must pass up 3 leads to you!

You’re list will be huge!  The money is in the list!  Ever heard that?  Lead Skimmer is the way to generate a huge list and more income!


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 Lead Skimmer

(VIDEO) Empower Network Viral Blogging Platform


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