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Michael Jordan

What does Michael Jordan, Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln, Lucille Ball, Thomas Edison, Ulysses S. Grant all have in common?  What separates them from names you’ve never heard of?  Why is it important?

What does Michael Jordan, Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln, Lucille Ball, Thomas Edison, Ulysses S. Grant Video

We don’t fail unless we quit.  Michael Jordan and the others knew this.   Perhaps it was their defeats that made them push through to a new level.  Perhaps they have a sense of what they want to do and just never let someone else be the final say.

Michael Jordan MentalityMichael Jordan

Did you know that after Michael Jordan left the world of basketball as the greatest player ever, in many opinions, he too up baseball.  Baseball?  Why would this great basketball player ever decide to take up a sport that he knew everyone would be watching and judging?  He was OK at baseball, but no where near great.  His coach said he was the first on on the practice field and the last one to leave everyday.  Everyday!

I think to many times we do or don’t do something based upon if we think we will be a star.  Michael Jordan, played cause he loved it and loved the process of being great.

How would your life be if you got into the process, chose to focus only on the process, not the visions of grandeur that usually run through my head.  The person who wins is the one who enjoys the process!

Which are you?

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