My Journey on the Master Cleanse

My Journey on the Master Cleanse

Today is the last day of February, the month I was born.  Every year I like to do “something” good for myself- moving myself ahead in life in a healthy and or prosperous way.  Two February’s ago when I was about to turn 54 I did P90X.  90 days of committing to a fitness program and nutritional program that is off the charts amazing.  I did it, it worked and I was the strongest and leanest I have been in years…..

And then I got sloppy with habits and nutrition and over the past two years put the weight back on…..not a happy time.

Last February I did 55 men’s pushups on my birthday….just to say I could.  I actually did 56, JUST in case I mis-counted and it was relatively easy as I had been working up to that day by doing 1000 pushups over a 3 week period.  I also vowed in 2012, at age 55 to find something to be passionate with and to step back into owning my own business and not working a job.  In July we were introduced to Nerium International and 4 months later I gave notice to my job as manager of a health club.

The Master Cleanse

This February I was floundering about what to do for my birthday goal and was in a rather unsure state.  We had begun an internet business with Empower Network which really excited me, was still working with Nerium but when my birthday approached I wasn’t sure what my goal for my 56th year would be.  ON my birthday – straight out of the blue- it hit me that I must do 56 men’s pushups…to show my inner strength and that I actually could push through my pain and fears.  I did it, but it was not easy.  I wanted to quit at pushup #12….but I somehow continued to 56….and on the completion of 56…I literally collapsed.  Dave heard me fall to the floor, gasp out loudly and ran down the stairs only to find me on the floor in a ball.  He thought I had fallen….but when I caught breath- I told him – “no….remember my discussion about doing pushups on my birthday, well I just did 56”.  OK, so perhaps that was not the smartest thing to do but I did it and I am proud.

The Master Cleanse

master CleanseSo what does this have to do with the Master Cleanse?  Well….I vowed to make my 56th year more financially prosperous than any year in my life….and I am confident with our businesses that this will happen.

Second I looked at my body, my weight and my overall health and decided I wanted- no, actually, needed, to make some healthy changes.  Luckily Dave and I live a relatively healthy life and have strong health constitutions.  While many people around us – younger and older- get sick or are on lots of medications, we are not and vow not to be…so I knew something needed to change.  I MUST lose/drop this 15 pounds of bloat weight that I have put on in the past two years.

Each year I like to do a cleanse, usually the Master Cleanse, 2x year.  It helps ground me, gives me time of solitude and quietness as it truly does cleanse both the physical body but also the emotional.  If there are any uncleared-out emotions they will manifest during the cleanse and since I have done this several times, I know that my body requires more rest, more quiet time and more warmth.  This year, the warmth is not so much an issue since the “menopause” heat has taken over my life….in fact it is a welcome to have coolness disperse throughout my body.

So here I am on day 4 of the Master Cleanse.  Morning times are my least favorite time as my morning ritual is to drink a quart of warm “salt water” with 3 tsp. of Celtic sea salt dissolved in it.  It is quite unpleasant but necessary to assist the detoxification symptoms be less.  Think of the lemon juice, B grade Maple syrup and cayenne pepper as the washing machine cycle of your body…agitating and removing the toxins from your cells.  Well the salt flush is like the rinse cycle of your washing machine, removing the toxins so they do not settle in your blood stream causing fatigue, headache or aches and pains.

In the past there were mornings I would skip this process, and that was mainly because I had to rush out to work in the morning and with the salt flush you just never know when your body will want to flush or evacuate the salt water.  Best to be close to a bathroom for at least an hour!

So here I am, day 4 feeling quite satisfied with the results thus far.  I have dropped 3 pounds in the 3 days and LOTS of bloat and inches.  I don’t like to measure myself with the scale or measuring tape….I’d rather not obsess with that because it plays with my mind, but I know by the end of the 10 days my body will be so much cleaner, healthier, less toxic and energized.  I know I will begin to crave only the healthiest of foods- which I’ve already begun to crave.  I want to live all my years in the healthiest state that I can and in the process of doing so, eliminate the nightly cocktail or wine that had become my escape.  It began when I would come home from work at around 8PM and one of the first things I would do was to have a glass of wine or drink….and I honestly did do it to flip the switch from work to relaxation mode….but now that I have been working from home since November, I found I had kept that evening ritual, and my bloat and body was not happy…and it showed.

So onward I go….I will begin squeezing my daily lemons….measuring the maple syrup and cayenne and enjoying my LEMONADE COCKTAILS.  The amazing thing is this resonates so much with me….I had actually been craving the Master Cleanse for several weeks prior to doing it.  I think intuitively my body knew it was acidic and this was and is the best remedy.

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