My MLM Story

My MLM Story

I’m a traditional network marketer…..old fashion in my marketing approach.  Sure, I use the computer but I had never generated my leads/customers through the internet. (Notice the word never…up til now….so read through this entire post!)

When I joined my FIRST MLM company, Matol Botanical, in the early 1990’s all I had was the phone and my circle of friends and family….so that is how I built my business and you are right…it didn’t grow too quickly!  PHONE CALLS all day long and into the night….no wonder one shoulder –to this day- is higher than the other!

My kids were pre-teens in the early 1990s and with ONE phone line in the house- and no cell phones- that was not a fun experience!!! I remember being on a training call or with someone from my downline and one of my kids standing next to me with their hands on their hips literally watching their watch….as in “when the heck can THEY use the phone”!  Surely it was more important than anything I may be saying…..

Yes, I have always been a ‘product person’ who in my networking career that spreads over 20 years off and on (mainly off) I always lead with the product- rather than the business.  Of the handful of companies I have been a part of they were all in the nutritional industry and I LOVED the products and naturally consumed and sold only what I totally believed in!  I spent a LOT of money consuming “from my own store” (as they say in MLM) but where did it get me financially?  If I was lucky in the beginning, I broke even!

Well, I‘ve had a somewhat fun and successful run in this industry- working from home and earning enough to not have to have an outside income (job, Just over broke!), but I in order to earn what I had been earning each month I had to HAMMER the phones, talk to friends, family and even seek out strangers…and although I continued to preach the dream- the reality is I was living the nightmare…up until now…..

Being open to new MLM possibilities….

Last summer, July 2012 I was on my way to my job where I was managing a health club.  It was in an industry I was passionate about but something important to me was missing.  Dave and I had moved back to Vermont from Arizona when my first granddaughter was born… but I was always working…and didn’t have the time freedom to really spend as much time with her or my family as I had wanted. I worked crazy hours and was always working during the lunch and dinner hours because that is when the gym was busiest.  I remember last year being resentful that I was missing the short window of summer in Vermont because I was always inside …and on top of that I was helping someone else (great owners) build THEIR dream business.

This is when I said ENOUGH….there has to be more!  I literally threw my hands up into the air on my way to work that day and prayed out load for the Universe to hear my plea and to send me a business opportunity that I could wrap my head and heart around, work from home and earn a substantial income on my own terms.  I had been my own boss for so many years and I craved and missed that time freedom.  I remember praying and stating that I would be open to ANYTHING that was for my higher good…. And yes, EVEN if it was in an industry that was unfamiliar to me…..

….And I believe because of my sincere open mind, almost instantaneously I received a call from two different friends, who both told me about the same incredible product (here we go again!) and solid company (really- OK….prove it!)  This time, unlike all others over the past two years, we really were intrigued and open minded…..Once we learned more – did our research- we realized it WAS something that we could embrace….and so we did.  And this is when we joined Nerium International…..

Nerium fit what I was looking for on many levels.  A Different Industry… It is in the Anti-Aging industry of Skin Care.  The Anti-Aging industry is an $80-billion industry in the US, expected to grow to $114 billion in 3 years.  (AND at age 55 that appealed to me and the product actually WORKS!)

9 out of 10 billion-dollar relationship marketing companies are in the beauty category (another great stat!)

Anti-aging is the highest-selling category in beauty. (another plus!)

Within 4 months of joining Nerium I gave my notice to my full time job and on that very day of a one month notice of leaving the job, my father had a massive heart attack.  Needless to say, owning my own time, my own schedule and being available for his slow but steady recovery during the next crucial 2 month time period was something I am forever grateful! MLM Success

Because of our initial success with Nerium, by the end of the year, Dave had also given notice to his job….and this is when we really decided to buckle down as a team and make our home business even more profitable.

Up until that time we been leading with the product but soon began leading with the business– recognizing most people we know would love to earn an additional $300-500 a month or $3000-5,000 a month or more!

…and this is when our team began to grow….!  ….and this is when we began to attract other people who also shared a similar dream of being self- employed…

and yet, damn it….something was still missing….and that is when had OUR ACCIDENTAL DISCOVERY… we learned of  the EMPOWER NETWORK!

Originally we found the Empower Network for lead generation for our primary business, but as we delved into the online marketing system, we realized that there was really something very special and duplicatible with this company.  My friends who know me are amazed that even I can do this…..

MLM Story get a Happy Ending

True, I am VERY much a newbie to online marketing….but with the brilliance of David Wood and David Sharpe even I can understand AND succeed in not only generating leads for our primary business, but earning residual income with EMPOWER –all within a couple days of joining….as we were learning.

Now if I am totally honest…The founder, David Wood seemed quirky to me and I have to admit when I first saw the video of David Wood describing the Empower Network I thought he was a “stoner”….fast talking- but sincere– but sometimes his verbiage was offensive to me- like calling out to people to step up and not be weenies- or wussies…. Or using the term bad-ass in his emails.

As a woman – perhaps old enough to be his mother, I kind of said, OK…whatever- I’ll do my best to get past those things and honestly I began to just let myself hear what this guy is saying. Once I was able to get past some of the words he was saying to really hear the substance of the program that he created, I got VERY excited. He and this company are really helping change the lives of the masses….and this time around- I am going to get OUT of my comfort zone, follow instructions on the training videos and have massive financial success.

There was one thing that bonded Dave and I to David Wood and Empower…

So what was this little thing?

It was a simple video.

As you watch the video, remember that David Wood and most of the other successful leaders started at square 1, just like you and everyone else had to do.

We all had to learn new skills..

We all had to make some mistakes..

After you have completed watching the short video, come back here and make the decision to join forces with us!

We’ve been where you are, and we know how you feel…

It’s time to partner with a team, OUR TEAM,  a community who actually cares and who wants you to succeed. OUR upline sponsor is front line to the owners.  How cool is that????

It’s time to make that change you’ve desperately been wanting.

When would NOW be a good time to start that journey?

1. Click on the banner below.
2. Fill out the information
3. Put in your credit card info and pay the $25 to get started NOW!!!



MLM Story


Joy & Dave





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