Paid to Click Advertising Reveiw

Paid to Click Advertising Review

Most of you have heard of Pay Per Click(PPC), it’s what you see on the right side of the page during a Google Search, but have you heard of Paid To Click?  These advertisers are paying Google(or what ever search engine they are on) a predetermined price every time someone clicks on their ad.

Back in 2004 and 2005 I used Google extensively, and was able to generate a good Business Opportunity lead for about $1.00.  Today, it would likely cost over $5 for a lead.  I don’t know about you, but my pockets are not that deep!

Paid to Click

Paid to Click is a model where potential prospects are getting paid to click on ads.  They make a cent or two for each ad they click.  Now, here’s why they are still good leads.  They are only paid to click, they are not paid to signup on your capture/squeeze page.  So the ones that do opt-in ARE real leads.  They are truly looking for a way to make more money.  See the details in the video – access below.

How much do Paid to Click programs cost?

With Paid to Click you buy clicks.  You can usually buy anywhere between 250 clicks up to 500,000 clicks.  The price will range from $6 USD to $400 USD.   Some sites even allow you a 24 hour run for only $100.  Last week I generated over 390 leads on a full day run for $100 !

Paid To Click

The Video shows Exactly how I did it, including the website and details.  For those on my team, feel free to call me with any questions!

If you want more information or want personal coaching, join us.

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Paid to click

Paid to click

Paid to click


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