Passive Sales Earn Income Scam?

Passive Sales Earn Income Scam?

Are the claims about earning a passive income really true?  All the fancy charts show how easy it is…  You may be asking yourself  “How come I haven’t seen it in my own life?”  There must be a Passive Sales Earn Income Scam happening….

I know I’ve asked myself the same thing.  I’ve looked at network marketing companies for 12 plus years, even joined a few, but never made any real income, you know, the kind I wanted when I joined!

Passive Sales Earn Income Scam

Most programs have such a low commission rate, you can easily throw more money at your advertising, then your’re making in the business.  Most MLM companies operate on a 5-7% commission structure for residual growth.  That means you need thousands upon thousands of people in your down line.

Struggling with presentations, don’t like the 3′ rule, hosting parties?   Ever heard YOU have to change!  Maybe, just maybe the system is broke!  Ever thought of that!   Perhaps you are not designed to give presentations, have the gift of gab, or want to talk to everyone in the check out line?  Are you subject to working a job the rest of your life?

Most of the presentations are general….  you get 3 who get 3…..  blah, blah, blah….  Show me the money.

Passive Sales Earn Income Scam NOT with the right system

We earn 100% commissions

We Simply Blog everyday….  write about our other businesses, our grandkids, how this system can help EVERY other networker in the world.  We post it(Empower Network) showed us how.

Our results this weekend after just over 1 month of blogging daily

We’ve been blogging for just over 1 month.  We post approx. 2 blogs per day.  Many on our primary business, some on Empower, some on our weight loss, some on just funny videos I found(have received many hits on those pages too).

-one of our Primary blogs is now receiving 18-22 organic views per day (meaning someone off a search found it)  Can you imagine when google finally starts ranking our site … usually takes 90 days of consistent content

-Saturday $25 residual, Sunday $100 residual, this morning $25 residual,….  Later today one of our people is buying the $500 package…it’s not residual, but everything is 100% commission.   (Earning Disclaimer here) That’s $150 monthly residual plus $500 !  What.

We blogged and they came.  they decided to do what we are doing and Google helped us because we blog everyday and Google is starting to see(index) our site as a information site and ranks us higher and higher in their search engine results….  so does Bing, & Yahoo for us.

Position yourself to earn money within our system.  Blog Daily, we’ll teach you how.

Dave & Joy

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