Samsung The Next Big Thing

Samsung The Next Big Thing 

This has to be one of the funniest Videos out there.  Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd  display exactly what its like when 2 guys friends get together and how we talk and respond.

The Big Pitch is here! In our complete ad for the 2013 Big Game, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd make their pitch to represent The Next Big Thing

Samsung The Next Big Thing

Now, I wasn’t consisdering buying a Samsung phone, but after that video, I am begining to feel like Samsung gets me!  And isn’t that why we buy what we buy.

The Next Big Thing is advertising to Connect beliefs

Most companies want to sell  their stuff by telling you how great it is and what it can do.   Inovative companies want to connect with you their beliefs.   Apple is a perfect example.  they sell their “we challenge the status quo” feeling and people buy computers, ipads, ipods, iphones….  yet they don’t lead with the stuff…  what is does, what it is…  etc.   They lead with Who they are.   And that’s were you connect.

The Next Big Thing is how we connect and communicate our ideas to others.  In this video, Samsung connected with guys and allowed us to sit in and watch as they bash each other and yet still stay friends.    Clever Ad

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Next Big Thing

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The Next Big Thing

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