Share From Your Heart if You Want to Move Others to Action

Share From Your Heart if You want to Move Others to Action


Ever wonder why some people and speak and it moves you to action.  Are they blessed or is there a way for you to connect with others at a base level.

We all are taught to think and make decisions with our minds, using logic and rational.  But is that really how we arrive at a decision.  Rational, logic may be what you tell your friends why you bought the car you drive… like the gas mileage, the safety features, the size……  etc…..  but the real reason, the one that put you over the top was likely more of …  “It felt good behind the wheel.”  or even “I look so HOT driving this!”   right?   That’s not your rational mind….  it’s your heart.

short video story I heard over 30 years ago explaining the difference between being rational, technically correct  and cause people to move, to take action!

Speak from your Heart

Share from your heart allows others to include you in theirs!

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