Taking a Stand for Leadership

Taking a Stand for Leadership

leadershipMany people have a belief that a leader is someone who in charge of others. They may be a leader, but likely they are a manager or supervisor. A leader is someone who sets a vision for a group or organization. Then a leader sets himself or herself apart by being the stand for the vision and holds everyone accountable to that standard.

I’ve heard it lonely at the top. In a way it is. Likely you are the only one, or one of few, who take the vision as a personal quest. It’s really what separates a leader from the pack…. It actually defines a leader.

Stand for Leadership

Leadership is simply knowing what you stand for, what your business stands for and what your organization stands for. And being so completely aligned with that stand you are unwilling to have anything be out of alignment with that vision.

Stand for Leadership Training

Before you can train anyone to be a Leader, you have to be a Leader.  I’ve seen it happen in many businesses, where a owner is wanting a trainee to Step up to Leadership, without the owner first being a Leader.  It doesn’t work that way.  If you’re an owner in a brick and mortar business or in Network Marketing business developing a team, YOU must step into the Leadership role IF you want to attract other Leaders!  You must.  If you do not, you will only attract others who are playing small.  Your business isn’t going anywhere?  This is the likely reason.  Training leaders starts with your process.

Training others is therefore a process of identifying those who want to rise up and lead. Initially many will fall back once they realize that they must be so completely immersed in the vision. Many of these individuals become managers of people. And you need them too.

The few that are willing to see living the vision, usually have no sense of the complete devotion it will take to achieve this level of oneness with the vision. The distance between where you are and being a true leader is made up of personal development. Seeing who you are now, looking at the parts that hold you back, keep you small and learning the skills and making decisions to go beyond the small, individual self.

Stand for Leadership

Deciding to be a leader, and yes it’s a decision, not a birth right. I’ve never seen where a leader was born today at the local hospital. I have seen where a leader has died. So somewhere between birth and death, anyone has the choice to learn the skills and decisions to be a leader.

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