The Empower Network A Primary Business ?

The Empower Network

In our continuing search of effective ways to market our primary business and assist out team to create leads, we came across a company that is getting a lot of buzz in the market.  Honestly, I had seen the Empower Network 8-9 months ago and thought it was garbage.

Motivated and with fresh eyes intent on finding an effective ways for our team members to market in our primary business, we looked at the Empower Network program.  For very little ( $25 to be exact) we hopped in and began nosing around.  We found a simple system where the average person could generate leads without having a PHD in marketing.  People were generating 30-50 leads per day, many used free approaches, others used paid techniques, and both were successful.  All good.

This was fitting our goal of simple, duplicable, training included, and created an abundance of leads.

The Empower Network – A Primary Business ?

Next we noticed and were surprised that because of the success of the program, many were using this as a primary business.  Better news for us as we could see how this would generate leads, assist our team and be used as an additional income stream for us.

Then we saw some amazing incomes being generated with Empower, we saw people crushing this business to the tune of 40k to over 100k per month.  Now that’s exciting, but what grabbed us was 2 of the people featured on a 2nd video we saw last night, we know personally and one of them was creating over 100k per month.

There is something huge here whether you have a primary business or not.  If you’ve seen this program in the past, we ask that you look at it with new eyes.

Get Your Eyes on the Empower Network

Here’s your next steps….. watch the overview video first then call or shoot us an email and we will forward the 2nd video we discovered with 2 of my friends/previous business associates on it, people we know and connected with to verify the success….  this will blow you away especially if you’re an ex-Liberty Leaguer…..  Watch the first video, and then get back with Joy or myself.

Again, I totally discounted this program 9 months ago…. Now that I have seen the leverage from the compensation plan(and you only see it once you are on the inside, only $25 )  Perhaps it time for another look.

As one of my old pilot friends used to say when we would hop in to his aerobatic airplane.…  “Get in, sit down, shut up and hold on!”

Start the ride here (30 min)  /readytorelease.php?id=workwithdaveandjoy


Then email us for the 2nd link…. (The 2nd video will make sense after you’ve seen the first video!)

or skip the video and just sign up with us here


Come join us helping others attract the life they want.

Dave & Joy


“The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.” Simon Sinek

Inspiring others to reach their potential.


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