The Master Cleanse- in the winter!

The Master Cleanse- in the winter!

Be careful what you ask for….

As long as I can remember, my temperature has always run on the “cold” side- meaning when most people were comfortable in a room, I was always cold! Sweaters with a turtle neck collar were my friends- year round!  As one may imagine, the winter season was most difficult- especially growing up and living in Vermont.  I think some bodies just run hotter or colder than others….and most of my life I was on the leaner side for a female, which obviously means less “insulation” to the cold.  Yup- I was cold!!

I recall saying that I can’t wait for menopause “because at least then I would be warm”.  Ha ha….well that time HAS arrived and of course I am not cursing the cold anymore…. My body is running hot for a change and these days I wear a tank top with a zipper sweatshirt so I can put on and take OFF clothes whenever needed….even though it is winter in Vermont!  What the heck does this have to do with me doing the Master Cleanse?

The Master Cleanse

Typically I do a couple of cleanses a year…generally it is the Master Cleanse– you may have heard of the original “Lemonade diet” that was started by legendary Stanley Burroughs. I have NEVER had success doing this cleanse in the winter because a cleanse typically makes you MUCH colder- and I just can’t handle it….but it is February 25th and I decided to get started this month rather than waiting for spring time of summer.

Today is day 1 of MY Master Cleanse.  Yesterday I went to our local market and bought my supplies….dozens of organic lemons, cayenne pepper, Celtic sea salt, Dark B grade maple syrup and smooth move tea.  In many ways I am excited that I don’t have to worry about what to eat for 10 days.  It’s a no brainer~ my food for the week is the Master Cleanse Lemonade Drink.  J  How easy is this?

master CleanseOne of the reasons for doing the Master Cleanse is to give your body a ‘rest’.  Digesting foods takes energy….so give your body a periodic rest!  The other reason for me doing the Master Cleanse is to remove toxins.  No matter how well you may eat, or how good your health habits are, your body will still become toxic over time…. from food, water, air, booze, etc.

The other reason I do the Master Cleanse twice a year is to get me BACK on track to eating as pure as I can.  After 10 days your taste buds WILL begin to crave healthier foods.  I always find my diet becomes more plant based and consume more raw foods- the way I prefer to eat!

Another reason I love to do the Master Cleanse is to lose my “bloat”….that is the puffy feeling when your digestion becomes more sluggish and you have gained a couple of pounds.  When your body is too acidic you WILL have more bloat and fat….and this is Mother Nature’s way of protecting your internal organs from acid.  Ever notice when you have been eating or drinking foods that are acidic that your belly or internal organ area has more FAT padding the belly?  The Master Cleanse helps with that.  Also to be honest, one of my real reasons for doing the Master Cleanse is because I always end up with more energy, lose weight AND a ton of inches….and spring time is just around the corner.

The Master Cleanse continues…

So stay posted to my Master Cleanse blog….today is Day 1.  I survived the salt flush (1 quart of warm salt water) which is consumed first thing in the morning, and is used to flush your system.  My body is LOVING the lemonade drink…. And today, for the first time in almost a year, I have not had ONE hot flash.

Stay tuned…..

Joy & Dave



 Master Cleanse

Master Cleanse Master Cleanse Master Cleanse Master Cleanse 

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