The Power of a Simple Decision

The Power of a Simple Decision

Have you ever noticed how seemingly simple decisions can alter the course of your life?

Last night I made a list of 5 times in my life where I made a simple decision that changes the course of my life.  They weren’t hard decisions.  At the time they were easy.  They came to me without deep thought or agonizing over which way I should go.  At the time they simply seemed like the next logical step.  Nothing more.


Decisions don’t require work

Many people seem to spend much of their time trying to figure out which way to go.  I’ve seen that those who agonize over it and then want to bring you in to their agony, want to keep talking about it.  Like talking about it is going to solve it.  I’ve seen in my own life and in others’, decisions are just the next step in the process you call your life.  Just make a decision.

Notice what is in front of you now, then make a decision

Life isn’t complicated.  It comes at you a  moment at a time.  Nothing more.  Just take what is in front of you to it’s logical next step, it’s logical conclusion.   The next step is to make a decision on what you want next.

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