The Power of Oleander

The Power of Oleander – The Nerium Difference

Nerium OleanderWe exhibited Nerium at a Women’s expo this past weekend and so many people asked us the question, “What is different about Nerium?”  We answered their question sharing the accidental discovery and clinical trials but it wasn’t until today – thanks to a post from Todd Cahill on Facebook that I now really understand and can explain the difference.

The True Answer is the POWER OF OLEANDER!

They use this phrase when it comes to product, opportunity, compensation plan, business model, success, etc… The answer to all the above is simple – We have the exclusive rights to the power of Oleander. No one has ever experienced a product with the power of Oleander. No one has ever experienced an opportunity fueled by the power of Oleander. Jeff Olson (CEO of Nerium) says it best, “If the product works it will network.” After 100 million in sales in the last 12 months with one product and in only one country I would say the “Power of Oleander works and works BIG! Because of the “Power of Oleander” we have one of the simplest opportunities in the world. When someone asks you what do you do? The answer is as simple as this:

The Power of Oleander

“I introduce people to the power of Oleander through products and opportunity. You probably have never tried a product powered by Oleander – have you?”

If they answer “No” then you simply share the amazing facts about our clinical studies done by ST&T Research on NeriumAD that is powered by Oleander. Most products with our ingredients minus Oleander have at best 2 to 5% effectiveness. The only difference with our product is we add the power of Oleander to the other ingredients and we clinically showed 30% plus effectiveness in reducing the appearance of age spots, discoloration, deep lines, fine lines, emerging lines, tone, texture and more. So the Nerium Product difference is the “Power of Oleander”.
After sharing brief information on the clinical tests and sharing some before and after pictures just ask this simple question:

“Our company offers a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked for anyone that would like to experience the power of Oleander. Would like to try it for 30 days?”

Wait for the answer – yes or no. If “No” then we offer them a 5 day FREE trial.


Gladys Knight getting her Nerium

It really is that simple. Continue using the power of Oleander or receive your money back. Now that is simple and powerful. By the way did we mention that Nerium has the EXCLUSIVE on any products using the power of Oleander over the counter? No store, website, catalog or infomercial can sell any product that has the power of Oleander, only Nerium Brand Partners. Becoming successful in Nerium does not take imagination it just takes sharing the power of Oleander.

• Imagine financially benefiting from the Oleander wave.
• Imagine earning immediate and residual income from a customer base using products powered by Oleander and as well building a team that is earning immediate and residual income from a customer base using products powered by Oleander.
• Imagine receiving unlimited FREE inventory from Nerium to build your business and customers.

Now imagine trying to build a business having to buy inventory every month over and over try to sell a product for more money with absolutely nothing exclusive and different from similar to exactly same products being sold in stores, online, through infomercials and other MLM companies like weight loss shakes, vitamins, juices, skin care and more. Now that takes imagination!

So what is different about Nerium?
There is actually a lot different from management, association, attitude, environment, FREE inventory, ultimate compensation plan, international expansion, product expansion, business model and more but it all starts with the “Exclusive Power of Oleander”. —

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Joy Edgerton

Independent Brand Partner, Nerium International


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