Transitioning to a Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet

January 9th, 2013

In 2011, A friend, Celeste, featured me on her blog via simple Q&A format.  With it being January and a time when many people are making health and weight loss resolutions, I thought I would share this.

Q:        For those interested in transitioning to a more raw food diet, how does ForeverGreen’s 14-Day Raw Promise work?

A:        The 14 Day Raw Promise supplies you with 14 days of Raw and Whole Foods to assist you in the transition to eating more RAW foods.  Many times people want to change their intake from cooked foods to more raw, but do not know where to begin.  We KNOW that anyone who gives this “dietary change” a 14 day commitment, that they will love the results, thus the word “promise”.  People inevitably lose weight, detoxify naturally, their digestion improves, their energy soars, skins glows and their cravings for unhealthy foods subside or disappear altogether.   Many people find this is like a ‘road-map’ that offers healthy/raw and high fiber products as well as a menu guide line on eating foods.  I also support anyone who does the challenge through the process…..for free.  14 short days to better health….how easy is that?

Q:        What are the steps you took to transform your health and lifestyle?

A:        I was first introduced to RAW or “Living Foods” when I went to Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida back in late 1999 and participated in their “three week long Life Change Program”.  Prior to that time I thought RAW meant eating celery and carrot sticks and salads.  I didn’t understand the LIFE FORCE in foods that are uncooked or unprocessed. That experienced changed my life!  I have altered my food intake over the years to accommodate just about any foods but inevitably gravitate back to the RAW FOOD program for optimal health and energy.  Personally I am happy with a balance of 75-80% raw…. However for a 2 month period I had a raw food chef living with me in Arizona and I was the healthiest and leanest I have been in years!

Fitness and the Raw Food Diet

Q:        How do you incorporate daily exercise and activity into your busy life?

A:        FITNESS IS a part of my life…just like eating good healthy food.  Because it is a priority I make the time!  Once I changed my attitude years ago from “I HAVE to work out” to “I DESERVE to work out” it became a natural part of what I do 6 days a week.  I like the way it makes me feel and it keeps my 54 year old metabolism healthy and efficient.
Q:        Tell us a little about the ForeverGreen products and how they have helped you personally.

A:        I have been consuming a product called FrequenSea since August of 2005.  FrequenSea is a tonic with marine phytoplankton that balances both your physical AND emotional body.  I believe it is one reason (along with a healthy lifestyle) that I am always extremely healthy- and have a very strong immune system.  I have also seen this product assist others who are very ill, regain their health in a short period of time.  Other products of ForeverGreen that have changed my life are their personal care products.  Because our skin is our largest organ I am careful to use only products that are all natural and without chemicals.  ForeverGreen has an entire line of products dedicated to personal care for both the body and hair but also in the home.  So many times people’s immune systems are compromised by what they put on their skin, as well as in their bodies.  I am also very passionate about their newest product line that is called Versativa…which is HEMP based.  Not only is hemp the most bioavailable protein available…but there are thousands of products that can be made from industrial hemp.  ForeverGreen is working hard to get laws passed to allow our farmers in the USA grow hemp- rather than having to import it from other countries.  By doing so hemp products will become more affordable but it will also sustain our economy AND help our farmers.

How to Start a Raw Food Diet

Q:        So many people want to get healthy but they are very confused about where to start.

A:        Suggest 5 steps people can take today to dive in.

Take a close look at yourself in the mirror and make an assessment.  Do you like the way you FEEL?  The way you look? And if the answer is NO then make a commitment to yourself to make healthy changes in your lifestyle to turn that answer into a YES.  We all deserve “self-care” and yet many of us, especially women, have been accustomed to putting ourselves on the back burner and taking care of everyone else first.  Much like the oxygen mask on an airplane….taking care of yourself FIRST will give you the energy and outlook to be able to assist others, if needed.

1                    Make the decision to change- write it down!

2                    Commit to the decision…whether it be food related or fitness.  Find something that resonates with YOU and what you like.  For example, I don’t like MEAT, so to attempt the Atkins diet would be ludicrous as I would not be able to stick with it!  Also I don’t like to run….so I am not going to begin running.  Instead, I may choose to walk as my form of fitness.  Find something that makes your heart sing and commit to it.

3                    Keep a journal…chart your progress and accomplishments…especially if your goals relate to food intake and making dietary changes.  Most people do not know where they are starting out nutrition-wise or calorie-wise so how can they know how to proceed and make necessary changes?  Many people are starving themselves nutritionally…and exceeding their daily calorie needs…and yet there are also many people who are not eating ENOUGH calories….thus their metabolism slows down.  One of the best things I think people can begin to do is to begin incorporating more whole foods and RAW food sin their diet.  Your energy will soar and you’ll begin to radiate from within.

4                    Surround yourself with others with similar goals and interests.  Find someone who inspires you and ask for them to share what is working for them.

5                    Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day.  It will help keep you hydrated, help with brain function, digestion and keep you feeling full and satisfied.
Q:        How do you suggest people connect with like-minded health conscious individuals so they don’t feel so alone on their healing journey.

A:        I think associating with like-minded people through “meet up”,  like minded friends etc. will help you stay inspired and on track.  There are so many online resources available through the internet and social net-works…most are free so I would suggest people joining these groups to stay connected.

Health is a habit, not an event.  Begin making “healthy deposits” in your life on a daily basis and you’ll enjoy more vibrant health.  Who knows you may even inspire others to as well?


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 Raw Food Diet  

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