Want Success? Focus on Others

Want Success?  Focus on Others

This seems so contrary to our culture, to our base of thinking.  How can focusing on others help us?   Is your fear “If I don’t focus on me and what I want, I’ll never receive it?”

focus on othersThis comes from a belief system that doesn’t include the mutual support system the universe is.  The very fabric of the universe is one of self sustainability, of mutual support.  That is why just focusing on yourself and your goals will never get you what you want.  It is in direct opposition to the system you are a part of

Focus on Others

A blade of grass doesn’t struggle to grow.  A lioness doesn’t question how will she feed her cubs.  Only us humans create a separation from the universe and then attempt to get what we want.  This never works.  The universe is set up to support you, while you support it.

Focus on Others

If you want material affluence, the fastest and easiest way to receive it, is to help others receive and become affluent.  To be happy, don’t focus on You being happy, help others to find happiness and just watch what flows into your life.

focus on othersThe universe doesn’t judge, it simply responds to the energy you put out.  When you put out helping others be affluent, the universe can only respond with affluence to you.  When you put out helping others to be happy, the universe can only respond in like kind.

You’ve always been in control of your results.  But the slight tweak, the shift happens when you choose to be like the universe and support others.  What you sow, you reap.  What you put out, comes back.  Focus on others reaching their goals and just watch what  happens with yours!

Focus on Others

Let the word of Deepak Chopra sink in, “When you learn to give that which you seek, you activate and choreograph the dance with an exquisite, energetic, and vital movement that constitutes the eternal throb of life.”

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focus on others focus on others focus on others


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