Weight Watchers 2013 Review

Weight Watchers 2013

It’s January and the hordes of us wanting to lose the weight is on !  Weight Watchers is a wonderful program to lose weight.   As a personal trainer who teaching weight loss and runs Weight Loss Challenges through out the year, I love how their program creates a daily awareness.

Weight Watchers 360 Program is out and the president of Weight Watchers, Dave Kirchhoff, talks about how our bodies came to be “How” they are.   How after millions of years of survival, our bodies store fat if we are not eating often enough, how they shut down and most importantly how to get your metabolism to accelerate for maximum Fat Loss.

weight WatchersWeight Watchers: So, How Does Success Happen? (from the Weight Watchers website)

So how does success happen?

Everything I’ve seen from our successful members clearly shows that losing weight and learning to keep it off requires a combination of all of the following:

  1. Becoming more mindful of what we eat. Research has shown that keeping a food diary is remarkably effective in helping us tackle issues related to 200 daily food decisions.
  2. Learning to make food tradeoffs we can live with. Deprivation always fails us. There is only so much misery we can bear. However, if we start choosing foods that taste great, are naturally filling, and provide bulk, we can better avoid the misery.
  3. Taking accountability and control when we feel out of control by employing tools that give us a way to avoid being a victim to our food environment.
  4. Learning to rebuild our personal food environment, at home, in the office, in our cars etc., we can create a place where we avoid temptation.
  5. Recognizing that the best kind of willpower is the discipline to have a planbefore we enter a scary food situation.
  6. Recognizing that simple, easy to do routines can help to make healthy behavior second nature. Boiling the ocean never works. However, implementing a few small changes at a time can have a profound multiplier effect on our other behaviors.

Weight loss with Weight Watchers

is a systematic process of unlearning old habit and forming new ones.  It’s been said it only takes 21 days to form a new habit.  Get connected with Weight Watchers and live to your potential !

Come Join us helping everyday people live to their potential.

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