What is PTC? Paid To Click

What is PTC?

Getting paid to click ads is a legitimate online money making business. So yes you can get paid to click ads. These websites are known as Paid to Click websites. These websites offer some ads and pay you to click them. Often these ads are worth 1 cent, however, do not let this fool you. As you refer people to your website you will earn off of their clicks as well.

NeoBux, ClixSense and other PTC programs are designed for both advertisers and for people wanting to earn money by viewing advertisements.

Let’s talk about PTC for advertisers:

Clixsense is a worldwide site that allows you to have your website shown to thousands of potential customers for pennies per showing.  As of today ClixSense has delivered over 848,813,021 views to advertisers’ websites since 2007 !   Today I bought 5000 clicks for only $9.50.  Had a few sign up this morning too!

Online marketing can expect 1.6% to 3% of people sign up and buy with out ever talking with them. So this can just be a numbers game.  Once you know the metrics, meaning how many people sign up, how much your average income is per person, then it’s just a simple matter of adding enough ad budget to get the result you want.

PTC and The Empower Network

Many online products do not pay enough profit to make paid forms of advertising work.  Many only offer a 20-30% profit margin.  This makes it tough to earn income.  At the Empower Network we earn 100% commission!  This is huge!  With 100% commissions you are receiving a higher payout and can afford more advertising!

To learn more about PTC join us in Empower and let us teach you how to create an unlimited number of leads for a very low cost!  We even have a way to generate Free leads that works.

If  you would like to learn how to share trending news, Youtube videos, and other crazy information and get paid to do it then you need to take a look at the Viral Blogging platform called Empower Network and learn how to get paid to do it!


(VIDEO) Empower Network Viral Blogging Platform


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Now that you have read my blog post here are the steps you need to take

Step 1

Click on this link and register to get more information

Step 2

Watch the video


Step 3

Fill out the form and register to get started. It’s only $25! 

Once you have registered you will receive a welcome e mail and will be given access to our exclusive “Private” team training website.

This training will give you detailed step by step training on the marketing tools and strategies you can use to generate the same top income I earn every month with Empower Network

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