Why I Do what I Do

Why I do what I do

Tonight after listening to a fabulous call with people achieving a level of success I’ve always sought after.  I went to bed.  Unable to sleep, I got up, went back to the computer desk and started writing on a pad of paper

What is my why and why is it important that I achieve it?  I listed the usual, money, lifestyle, being fulfilled and content, supporting family etc…  but something felt cold and distant.   In fact I had felt that many times before as i wrote out the list of things that I would have and do with all of the success I would have.

Tonight I wouldn’t have any part of it.   These things really don’t motive me.  I really don’t give a shit about the car, the house…. I do care about my family and being able to support them if needed.

I began looking at “how” I lived my life.   What I did on a consistent basis interacting with myself, life and others.

As a child I would walk the entire campground after we had set up our site.  Within 20 minutes I would know where everything was and would come back and report to the family.  Why?


I notice that when I’m exposed to new information, during the act of listening or reading, at that moment I am already formulating how I can show it, or explain it to others.  It’s automatic.  I’m not trying to do it, I’m just doing it.  Why?

When I heard a lady who was 100 lbs. over weight tell me diets don’t work…. I spent 20 minutes explaining how our body metabolizes and how her low food intake diets were actually making her fatter.  She was so thankful.   I had nothing to gain from spending time with her.  But I had to make certain she got it.  Why?

It occurred to me that my real purpose is to make certain those around me are safe and taken care of.  That they have an understanding of the information at hand to navigate through their life.  Why?

Upon looking at myself it occurred to me that I was living out my needs and requirements to navigate through my life.  To be safe and not be lost.

My fears are of not understanding something, of not knowing, of being lost.  Seeing this run my life for the first time at this depth explains why I do what I do.  And for the first time begins to answer “What is my purpose?”

I naturally filter new information and process it instantly so I can immediately explain it to others and they understand.   I can understand something clearly enough to teach and explain it to them so they can have a fabulous life.  So they can love themselves more.  My Purpose is to gather people to me so I can keep them safe.

I believe that we all teach what we need to learn.  We live out here only as we see the world.  Sharing “from” that is your purpose!

Perhaps like me, the “how” you live your life might explain the “Why” you live your life.


Welcome your comments and shares…

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