Why we joined the Empower network

You can never, ever get everyone in your primary business….  but what if you could still help them in theirs?

We were given, tools, insights and distinct strategies to attract and assist others in their businesses.

Our cause in 2013 is to help you in your business.

I came to this industry after 24 years of owning my own businesses.  Real estate brokerage for 12 years then opening an Aircraft buying and selling company in the mid 90’s.  

Early 2004 I found network marketing and I spent thousands and thousands of dollars attempting to find and generate leads.  Google Adwords, to pop up campaigns, phone systems, purchased leads….  I was always willing to try something new.  

I created a 6 figure income my first year.  For the next 4 years, it seemed that everything I did in lead generation didn’t work.  People had become so inundated with MLM offers and garbage that they were now so skeptical and so hardened that the leads I got were garbage.  

I pulled away from the industry for 5 years.  And swore off any BS sounding, pie in the sky programs that came along.  Until last summer when a found a business and a group of people that were real.  That played and played successfully without hype.  Was this actually possible!   So, I jumped in and began finding success quickly.

Now our mission is to empower my team and others to find success the old fashioned way… by actually connecting with others, finding out what they need and bringing that to them.

Join our Empower team.  Just fill your name in the box to the right and we will be connected and assist you in developing your dream!


If you believe that you can get everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want, then leave us a comment

Dave & Joy

On Line Marketers

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