A Leaders View of TAVALA

There are many network marketing companies out there, new ones spring up weekly, and others bite the dust and call it quits, often within their first year.

I don’t think most people enjoy jumping from opportunity to opportunity, but often they do.  Why?  They didn’t get what they ‘came for’ in their first 2-3 months.  This is why it is crucial to be part of a company that puts you, the member (distributor) first!

Here is a brief OVERVIEW on how Tavala is different!  Different is GOOD in this industry!  People who have never been with a network marketing company are earning money with Tavala and those who fell in love – and not given up- but never earned more than $1000-$3000 a month are earning 6-figure + annual incomes, and many within their first 4-6 months.

Why Tavala

Most traditional MLM companies are set up to expect their members will “Sell and Close” the sale.  You know the type of company I am talking about, they charge Enrollment Fees, require all members to be on a monthly auto ship in order to get paid,  and we all know the majority of product prices are inflated to cover commissions…….

If a company is set up like this-  This can be a VERY hard business and not very attractive- thus the average person in network marketing will not likely earn enough money to stay engaged for long.

If you’re open for a better way let me share Tavala with you.

First, whether you are a leader OR new to the industry, you understand that you don’t “make a dime, until your down line makes a quarter”.  2nd, YOUR success revolves around retaining and growing your down line.  Without that, you are simply signing up people monthly on the front end and having them drop off the back end.

This is how Tavala set up the company- and it’s in favor of YOU – the member!

True or False? The number 1 fear people have in network marketing is rejection… from family, friends and even strangers….  So what did Tavala do?  When they up the company they decided to have:

  1. No Enrollment Fees
  2. No required Auto ships
  3. 1 price list – Pricing is the same both members and customers.

Just these first 3 pieces will change how comfortable and easily a new member can share both the products and the opportunity.

BONUS:  #4 Tavala then pays an additional 10% on customer orders.

Few like to… or want to sell anyone on “Join my Business”!!!!


If the new person is successful, begins making money their first month and stays engaged- they are happy and your team and your check keeps going up!  That’s called retention.

 Tavala’s Compensation Plan

Tavala is a Uni-level, They pay on unlimited width, 10 levels deep and commissions are dynamically compressed.

Let’s go back to your new member or rep.  Remember the phrase “they have to make a quarter before you make a dime”?

Tavala’s compensation plan pays out 70% of the commission on the first 3 levels.  This allows people to join, share and make money quickly.

BTW, Tavala pays weekly!  The Commission period ends Tuesday night and you’re paid on that Friday!

What about additional bonuses?

Everyone loves a bonus and Tavala is very generous with their bonuses.  Some companies offer ‘car bonuses’ and they average $350-$500 a month, but then they turn around and dictate what make of car and even color car you have to buy or lease.  Not with Tavala, a Life Style Bonus is just that….you get to choose how to spend your bonus for YOUR LIFE STYLE, and they range from from $350 , $750, $1500, $2000 and are paid every 4 weeks!

Tavala’s Leadership bonuses  range from a generous $10,000 up to a 1 Million Dollar bonus! 

In addition, they have Shared Leadership Pools from any breakage not yet paid out in the compensation plan

This is one of the most lucrative compensation plans in the industry with the focus on your new member being successful!  If they are successful, guess what?  You’ll be successful!

Products & Pricing

Our Products are in the $800 Billion-dollar markets of Weight loss, Pain Relief and Energy drinks.

Our products are efficacious, people feel them and experience results quickly.

Best of all…. The pricing….. 

Our industry is notorious for having amazing and cutting- edge products, yet we all know that the prices are high… and we all understand that companies do that to pay out commissions.   For years we knew that but we had to put up with over-priced ‘goods and services’……  and going back to the new person…they want to SHARE, – they typically don’t want to SELL, so why saddle them with overpriced products to “Sell”?

Tavala’s pricing on products are fair like what you would find in a store. 

The true test of a company and products in this industry is with this question:  Would a customer stay on the product, month after month without discussing the compensation plan or making money? With Tavala, the answer is a resounding YES!

In summary:  These 3 areas:

1) How Tavala is Set up and how it differs from most network marketing companies, 2) the Compensation Plan, and 3) the products & pricing. All of these FOCUS on the new member having success – which will then in turn set you up for a huge growing down line organization and long-term success with Tavala.

My husband, Dave, and I weren’t looking to join another network marketing company.  We were settled into a company we had been with for over 10 years and yet in early December, 2016- TAVALA reached out to us … so in essence, Tavala found us!

You know when you simply KNOW?  Often it is said “Once you know you can not not know” or also the phrase CEO.  This new offer was so CEO, Clear- Easy and Obvious that we could not pass up joining TAVALA!  ……  We were open for FRESH and different and Tavala’s “set up”, their “compensation plan” and highly efficacious products simply had us say YES!

We officially resigned from our former company, leaving a sizable monthly pay check and joined Tavala and we hope you will as well!

For those who understand the industry of network marketing and timing, you’ll be excited to hear this…..  We are at the beginning stages of momentum with Tavala.  We see it in our ever increasing and expanding enrollment and sales numbers week after week, after week.  Part-time members are earning money and seasoned networker marketers are earning income that most have never experienced before.

If you’ve ever wanted to be in front of a wave, your timing is now.

Your future is calling……  How you answer the call will determine your success & your future.


Dave and Joy/ Global Leaders with Tavala





What are YOU here to do? offer? 6 min. audio on HEALTH that is superb!

At a very young age I knew the subject of HEALTH, which included both NUTRITION & FITNESS was my path in life.  As early as 2nd or 3rd grade I remember thinking becoming a gym teacher would be fun!

Professionally my most satisfying ‘jobs’ were in those arenas…starting with my first job out of college (UVM) working at Planned Parenthood as a “Health Care Worker”…  from there it went:  (you’ll see a common thread throughout)

To Membership Sales in a Health Club …

To being a Network Marketer in a Nutritional company

To being a Personal Trainer & Transformational Life Coach

                                                                    To a Manager of a Gym…and Back to Network Marketing!

  Face it, Ladies, Networking- or getting paid to virtually “share” (products, services, motives, recipes etc.) is in the DNA of most women.  It comes easy, is simply is what we do naturally- whether we get paid or not.

Health also equals BALANCE….anything ‘out of balance’ where you become fanatical and ignore several other areas to perfect another, is not health.  How do I know?  I’ve been there.

INSTEAD…..Strive for a balance of Healthy Living-

  • Think Positive
  • Eat Better
  • Exercise Often
  • Feel Good


Today I was listening to an audio clip from one of my mentors in the industry of Network Marketing, Richard Bliss Brooke, and the topic was ON HEALTH.  I couldn’t have said it better myself. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  You can also learn more about his teachings, books and seminars at www.BlissBusiness.com

Click Here to Listen     http://e.lifematters.net/audio/Day6wMusic.mp3#28028222

Like what you heard?  Want to hear more?  Connect with us at info@DaveandJoy.com or give us a call.  We LOVE hearing from like-minded people.  802-846-7530.

Dave and Joy/Global Leaders with Tavala