Are There Any Negative Side Effects With Taking Tavala Trim?

A product called Tavala Trim was introduced in November 2016 and has changed the way people are looking at Weight Management.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it too.

Weight Loss excites most people but actually it is Weight Management that is where it is at.  Most people can ‘lose weight’ but can they keep it up?  Has their metabolism actually boosted for long term success?

One question from Day 1 has come up is: Are there any negative side effects when taking Trim?

There are many POSITIVE side effects: MORE ENERGY, FOCUS, SUPPRESSED APPETITE & CRAVINGS, BOOST IN METABOLISM AND ULTIMATELY WEIGHT LOSS, but the only negative reaction I personally have heard is below.

As of today, the only negative side effect I have had is that SOME people find that the stimulant in the TRIM is too much for their system.  I happen to be one of those people.  Some people feel nauseous or even sick to their stomach if they begin with a full TRIM on Day 1 and some have even felt like they are on ‘a drug’ with a strong stimulant.  (Some have even named a drug that they can relate to that had them feeling like this.)  This is especially true for people who have a sensitivity to stimulants.  But this is a small group of people!  Most drink a full Trim drink of Day 1 and boast on the energy and focus they feel within 15-30 minutes.

We never quite know who these people will be- who may feel ‘weird’ or ‘wired’- but what we have found is that size is not a factor.  We have customers who can drink 2-3 Trim a day and weigh less than 120 lbs. and we have people who weigh over 300 lbs. who have to start slow and even to this day, find a full drink to be too much for them.  Both groups of people enjoy the TRIM and lose weight.  The key is getting past any feeling of ‘wired or weird’.   Most people have found with time, even if they were in the “sensitive group”, that their bodies build up to enjoying the boost with time.

3-Day samples are available for those who feel they need to try the product first due to a known sensitivity.  A sample costs $9.99 and is available with free shipping at

Even though there is only a small percentage of consumers who are in this ‘above category’  we always tell people on Day 1 to start by mixing a full drink but divide it in half.  Drink 1/2 in the morning and if you feel OK then drink the other 1/2 hours later.

On the box there is a note:  “If you are sensitive to stimulants, you may want to start with just half of a stick the first two days, then begin with the regular one stick serving from day three on.  Cal also be taken with food.”

Some people STILL need to begin with even an 1/8th or 1/4 of a Trim drink until they build up the Pea (which is natural occurring) in their body. 

For those who have stuck with this and are committed to using the TRIM, despite feeling ‘not so great’  or even ‘odd’ in the beginning, most are thrilled with their eventual results and most of those people have gone on to lose their desired weight and now are coaching others as well.  They would urge people to not give up, just start slow.

Others, like myself, find adding the TRIM to my Tavala Weight Loss Protein Shake helps the feeling of ‘too much stimulant’.

All of this information was important for ME to hear because as I said, I am someone who always has to alter ANYTHING I consume that has a stimulant in it. (coffee past noon and I am up well into the night!)  My body is very sensitive.  In the beginning I was over stimulated and yes I ‘felt a bit weird’ so I  stopped taking the TRIM for awhile (which bothered ME as I wanted the great results that my customers and team were getting) and then I gradually began taking the TRIM again.

Now I am not saying that I have all the answers with regards to TRIM, I do not.  There may be other negative side effects that others have experienced (and if so, please feel free to share with us) but this is the only one I have heard since TRIM was introduced… and we have assisted thousands of people with TRIM since we joined Tavala December 2016.

Other than the jokes that TRIM kept someone had so much energy that their house is now ulta-clean (ceilings and walls too!) or that they got more errands and chores done in 1 day than usually takes 3-4…but those are ‘fun side effects’.

Obviously it makes sense to ask your physician if it is OK to add TRIM if you have any questions about your medication you are on or your current state of health.

Trim comes in a drink (add powder to water) and also comes in capsule form.  The cost is only $69.99 for a 28-day supply.

To learn more about the synergy of ingredients in the TRIM and how they work read the article below.  This is a great article written on the Science of PEA.  I encourage you to read it to understand one significant ingredient of our Trim product.

We’d love to hear from you.  802-846-7530 or email

Dave and Joy/Global Leaders with Tavala




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2 Responses to Are There Any Negative Side Effects With Taking Tavala Trim?

  1. Wanda says:

    I like that Tavala capsules makes me feel full, but it is hard on my stomach. I have a feeling like there is a lump in my esophagus that won’t go away with drinking water, and I constantly feel like I need to burp, but I rarely do so easily. I am not sure whether to continue with it or not. Any suggestions on how to relieve these symptoms? I have tried Tums and Rolaids.

    • workwithdaveandjoy says:

      I have not heard anyone speak of the capsules causing what you are experiencing. The first thing comes to mind is to try the TRIM drink. But in the meantime, make sure you drink LOTS of water when taking the capsule and try to eat an alkaline diet- plant based and not so much protein, if you do eat lots of acidic foods. Maybe that could cause a reaction. Let me know if you make changes and it helps. 🙂 Good luck. BTW, we have a weight loss protein shake that works well with the TRIM and has pre-and probiotics IN the shake. That helps some people with digestive issues. JOY

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