How to Lose 20 lbs. of Excess Body Weight Fashionably Fast!

This information may not be NEW but I love the way Dr. and author Earl Mindell keeps it simple in his ideas below!  I have added a couple of ideas that will expedite the weight loss and keep it simple & easy.   Ready to reach your ideal weight?  Let’s start with losing your first 20 pounds.

It is already March, so your New Year’s resolution regarding losing weight may be almost forgotten.

Here are some simple ways you can achieve your goal, starting with losing 20 pounds.

1. Dump all sodas, flavored and sweetened milks, Sweet Tea, and sweetened coffee.  Replace them with clean water. How much? Take your weight, divide it into two, that is approximately how much water you need each day.

Example: 140 lb. female 70 ounces of water or 8 -9 glasses per day. 200 lb. Male 100 ounces per day, 12 glasses of water per day. You will get water in the veggies and fruits you eat, so you may be able to  adjust these amounts. You don’t have to drink a full glass at a time but do get into the habit of sipping water
all day.
Why does this work? Water and some fiber fills you up so that you are not eating extra calories. Try eating an apple and drinking a glass of clean water, before you eat a meal.

2. Exercise 30 minutes per day. Brisk walking is one of the best exercises. If you have a condition, check with a health professional first. Start slowly and work up to 30 minutes per day. It makes you feel better and helps your circulation as well.  Adding weight resistant exercises or lifting weights to add muscle mass is also helpful as it will boost your metabolism.  (More on that below with a product called Tavala Trim)

3. Replace high- calorie foods with low-calorie foods. Half of your plate should be fresh fruits and veggies. Cut up fresh veggies and put them on the top shelf of your refrigerator, so they are the first thing you do when you open the fridge. Did you know the average person opens the fridge 16 times a day?  With a little planning you’ll be able to get your whole family to snack on veggies and fresh fruit instead of junk foods. Today fresh fruit is available all year long.

4. Keep a journal and jot down what you are eating every day. Calculate the calories ingested and you will be amazed at how much you are really eating.  Sometimes you may even be eating too little which only slows down the metabolism.

5. The simplest suggestion is to do all of the above and ADD a product called Tavala Trim.  Trim comes in drink form (delicious berry flavor) or capsules.  The product is a thermogenic product-  it boosts your metabolism, gives you energy & focus, helps suppress your appetite and cravings and helps you lose weight.  The benefits combined help you be able to adhere to a healthier meal plan (by suppressing the appetite and having fewer cravings!) and with the added energy you’ll have more ‘pep in your step’ to actually get in that 30 minute walk or exercise.

If you do these things you can lose 20 lbs. in 20 weeks or less….and we believe that TRIM is the key!

How can you get the TRIM?

We suggest using the TRIM daily for a minimum of one month.  If you need to lose 20 lbs. it may happen in your first month but we suggest giving it 2 months.

  The cost of the TRIM is only $69.95 (March 2018) which is far less than a daily Starbuck’s specialty coffee or consuming snacks and soda each day.

If you’d prefer to ‘try before you buy’ you can purchase a 3-day Starter Pack for only $9.99 by going to which is an option for the skeptic who may want to make sure they like the flavor or how it makes them feel. 

The Starter pack, aka sample pack is an option but most people we speak with are so anxious to lose the weight that they buy outright and give it time to work.  We offer a ‘satisfaction guarantee’ with all Tavala products!

Ready to reach your weight loss goal?  Return to your ideal weight?  We have thousands of people who have using the Tavala Trim.   Give us a call, 802-846-7530, email or go to  Either way we’ll support  and help you get your best results !

Interested in making money sharing the Tavala products?  We need help!  The TRIM is such a HOT product on the market, we could use some help.  Earn money while you lose weight.  What a fun concept.

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When is it time to switch MLM companies?

  Do you know when is it time to switch MLM Companies?

Well, the short answer is, there is really no good time.  We found that we stayed a year or 2 longer than we should at our last company.  It just creeps up on you, we all can become complacent and used to the way things are.  Even if they stink!  We started saying, “It’s does stink that bad!”  What the hell happened to us?

 First signs

Here’s a couple of ways to begin realizing things are not working as good as they could be:

  1.  Your down line is stagnant.  Very few or “0” are moving forward, breaking ranks.
  2. Fewer and fewer people are showing up to your “Team” calls or webinars.  Many times its the same few people, who aren’t getting great results, but want to feel the team vibe.
  3. You’re having to run interference between your team and the corporate staff!  (your Team already gets it)
  4. Your check is going down due to nothing you’ve done!  We stayed a year plus longer cause we kept listening to the company, we call it drinking the Kool-Aid and not seeing what was happening.  We saw it, but were not responding to what was “real” only what we thought or were told was real.

These are all key areas that show up slowly, and lull us to sleep.

How it used to be!

Here is a short list of how it felt and your results when it was rolling!

  1.  We were having fun!  It didn’t matter how late it was our how many hours we worked  !
  2.  Our checks were going up every week !
  3.  Excitement was in the air and had the Team excited !
  4.  Great numbers and passion on the team calls !
  5.  A feeling of invincibility !
  6.  There were no excuses from corporate!

We get it, you likely know all this.  We’re not telling you something you don’t know, we’re just trying to nudge you out of a slumber and rekindle your passion and love for this industry or at least for the people you have helped.  You team is still looking toward you for the next step!

Leaders go first (Leaders may eat last, but we always go first!)  Time to make another scary decision, just like when you joined your last company….  there was at least some uncertainty, a stepping into the unknown.  And there was excitement!

Here’s the overview of what we found

If you’re a proven leader in this industry and are beginning to feel, “what else is available out there to have your teams grow?”

Products that people feel quickly (and that share easily)
No enrollment fees
No required autoship
Same price for members as customers
Getting paid more on customers
Super strong compensation plan (Uni-level) with 4 weeks bonuses from $350 up to $2000
Rank advance bonuses from $10k to $1,000,000

There’s more, but all of this doesn’t matter if shifting your company hasn’t crossed your mind.  I didn’t say shifting your course, because you have the same course (success, helping others, making a difference, and making great money) but simply shifting the company you keep!

Is it time to have fun and make money again?

For a confidential conversation, between you and Joy & I, reach out to 

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Work with Dave and Joy in the Philippines

This is new news!  We will be launching a new MLM in the Philippines within the next 30 days.  We are already a success in 27 other countries and now we are pleased and honored to bring our team and company to the Philippines!

We are looking for a couple of powerful leaders who have the ability to head up their country for our team.   This is no small  task.  If you have a proven track record or know of someone who does, we would be honored to speak with them.  We are already laying the ground work for the Philippines and require the right people to drive this for themselves, their team and their country.

Here a brief overview of what we offer and a bit about Dave and Joy.  

We hope you are intrigued and want to learn more.

We look forward to a conversation with you.

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