How Did They Lose Weight on a Cruise?

I know it sounds crazy but many people on our Tavala cruise LOST WEIGHT. 

How did that happen especially with all the abundant food and drinks?

There are many factors that come into play but I’d say the most dramatic of all is that those who lost weight were using Tavala’s TRIM and CONTROL.

Before getting into what those products are keep in mind some factors that also come into play. 

The cruise ship is HUGE so most people do get in more ‘steps’ than they normally would walking around their homes.  Of course, there are also those who are on vacation and decide to relax around the pool all day and get no exercise…and yes, you can guess, those people probably gained weight.

Also because of the relative EASE of food, it is rare if ever experienced, that anyone skips a meal on the cruise ship.  As long as your choices are smart choices, eating 3-5 small meals per day actually keeps your metabolism revved.  Yes, I know, small meals and the word buffet do not go together, and those who let their cravings and appetite get out of control, probably did put on weight.  But those who had it under ‘control’ and had their metabolisms boosted prior to vacation had a different experience.

Did you know that STRESS makes it more difficult to drop weight?  Most people on the cruise are more relaxed than normal which means their cortisol levels are lower….

I decided to talk to several people who claim that they actually lost weight while totally enjoying their cocktails and meals on board.  What I found was the only thing they did different than those who gained weight was they took TRIM and CONTROL daily.  They did not exercise more, in fact, several didn’t at all and rarely took the stairs.  They also claimed they ate everything they wanted….with zero deprivation.

So what is the magic?

TRIM is a metabolism BOOSTER.  It gives you energy, suppresses your appetite and cravings and helps you lose weight.

Add the CONTROL (berberine product to address blood sugar) to the TRIM and you address weight management at a whole new level.

So if you are planning your next cruise- or vacation- make sure you take your TRIM/CONTROL with you.  You can order here: or give us a call.  802-846-7530.  We have more information than we can share. 

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Dave and Joy/ Global Leaders with Tavala


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