Quantum Relief Strips Testimonials

Have you heard of the Quantum Relief Strips? If not, let this enlighten you to the value of the “Quantum Relief Strips for overall health”!   I have literally hundreds of testimonials and have included several below that I recently received by email.

The Quantum Relief Strips are Dr. Min Soo Kim’s LATEST version of Strip that brings energy to the body!

Put them where it hurts…. or where you want positive energy.



“I had a frozen shoulder and couldn’t raise it above my head for over a year.  It was painful.  I always sensed it was blocked energy but how do you prove that?  However, I proved it.  my husband put a Quantum Strip on my ‘trap area’ and I woke up the next day and my range of motion was 100% better.  I’m a believer and so is my physical therapist”.  D.E.

“I accidentally slammed my finger in the door and my nail broke from the nail bed. It was the most painful thing I ever felt. I placed a band aid around it. Then  I cut my Quantum Relief Strip to the size of my finger and placed it around my finger and in less than 5 minutes, I got relief. Thanks, Tavala.” M.F.

“From a chiropractor I recently shared the Quantum Relief Strips with- uhm…. I can dorsiflex my toe for the first time in years. need to learn more. I’m shocked.”. R.S.

“I placed a small strip on my hand and knee – I felt a bruise coming on as I had fell the other day. I am an arts educator constantly dancing constantly moving no matter what kind of discomfort I have! I wore the strips for two days and I am feeling so much better! My knee feels amazing! My hand is still a little sore to the touch! Dance and injuries are pretty much a given this product can change that!” D.W.

“I have a happy hip!  I unfortunately suffer from occasional sciatic pain. Since a friend gave me samples of the Quantum Relief Strips I put a strip on my hip, on Saturday afternoon, it has been so comfy! I would love one extra-large strip to put from hip to hip!”  A.B.

“Never did I think I would be writing a testimony of this kind. On the weekend I had a terrible flu, body aches, fever, vomiting, sore throat, cold chills & feeling very Lethargic, I ended up in the ER for fluids due to dehydration. But last night at one point it felt like something was hanging in my throat after I swallowed, it was driving me crazy, I started to have a panic attack. I drank some lemon tea, sprayed some chloroseptic in my throat & sucked on cough drops. NO relief.  So I decided to take a piece of QRS and place it on the outside of my throat.             OMG!!! I was so shocked, not only did the feeling go away, I started to feel moisture in my throat that I was able to swallow. I believed it was dried mucus on my airway and the QRS responded not only as an expectorant, but also an analgesic I fell asleep. THANKS QRS”   Z.S.F.

“I used the Quantum Relief Strips at the first sign of childbirth labor and the pain- especially in my back- subsided dramatically.  It was my second baby and the baby came fast but the pain was greatly reduced due to the strips.  My mid-wives were so impressed they want to have the QR Strips available for all childbirth clients.” B.G.

The Quantum Relief Strips bring positive energy to the body.  Each strip lasts 48 hours and adheres to the skin so can be used on all body parts.  Here are ideas on where you can place the strip to benefit your body.

Balance your Chakras and Chi naturally with the QR Strips.

I’d love to share a full document on the Quantum Relief Strips and have a PDF file on how and why the Quantum Relief Strips work.           Email us and we’ll share with you.  info@DaveandJoy.com or call 802-846-7530.

I also did a You Tube Video A-Z talking about ways the strips helped people in over 50 ways.     https://youtu.be/bzlz6rwWiBo

If you LOVE natural products you’ll want to try the Quantum Relief Strips.  The cost in the USA is only $69.99 for a month supply which is less money than an hour massage.  WOW!

We’d love to hear from you.  Want to have a flourishing business sharing the Quantum Relief Strips and sharing Tavala?

Dave and Joy







Can you travel, make a difference & do your Business in Flip Flops?

As I sit here in my office looking out the window I see snow and a glimpse of what we call ‘stick season’ here in Vermont.  It’s the season where there are no leaves on the trees and it looks like STICKS are literally “sticking out” from the ground and from under the snowbanks. Luckily spring will be here soon and all of this will change.

This visual of flip flops and coconuts makes me feel happy and reminds me how grateful I am that we have the lifestyle and freedom to leave the cold weather behind when we desire and travel to warmer climates -when we choose.  Our network marketing business continues to thrive, and actually in reality, it usually grows as we are out LIVING LIFE by DESIGN making new friends and expanding our team during our travels.

We recently returned from Hawaii where we met some team members that we had only spoken to by phone or on a zoom call.  Network marketing IS a people business

Developing true friendships based on similar goals is a great way to align with people that have similar interests.  On our team, for example, our core values are: Integrity, Leadership, Rank Advancement and Living debt-free.  If people are not in alignment with those qualities, most likely they are not going to be attracted to our team or if they show up, they won’t stay long.  We pride ourselves on the quality and heart of our team.

If you are stuck in a job or profession that no longer serves you or that you don’t like- explore network marketing as an option.  It’s the only place we know as entrepreneurs where the average person … regardless of age, gender, background or nationality… can have the same opportunity to create wealth as the next person.  

It’s about desire.  We are looking for positive minded self-starters who would love to build a local (meaning USA) or international business that includes travel and team training.  If this interests you, let’s chat. 

Call us at 802-846-7530 or email us at Info@DaveandJoy.com to set up an appointment to explore the possibilities.  All training is in place for those that are ready.  It’s not a requirement on having experience in this industry, however if you do, and you are coachable, you could reach levels with Tavala that you had only once dreamed about doing.

Dave and Joy/Global Leaders with Tavala