Tired of Coffee? Try Tavala’s bru

Tired of drinking coffee but want a boost later in the day, perhaps in the evening or perhaps even to replace your morning java?

For me, I drink a mug of “bullet proof coffee” each morning and that is about all my body can tolerate caffeine wise.

But later in the day I often want a warm beverage- something HEALTHY too.  I am thrilled that I was recently introduced to a product called bru by Tavala.

You’ll LOVE the bru, especially if you love chocolate and high vibration products that BOOST your health!

What is Tavala bru?

Tavala bru contains 100% organic, GMO-free cacao and it’s very low in calories. Just one cup of Tavala bru contains more antioxidants than a cup of blueberries or pomegranate juice!

Lately, it seems that everyone from medical professionals to health gurus are touting the substantial health benefits of cacao, from natural mood elevation to lower blood pressure and improved digestion. Cacao has even been shown to slow the creation of fat cells.

With all these unbelievable health benefits, and many more, Tavala bru should seem like a no brainer. It is recommended you drink at least one cup everyday, but more only gives you better results. Drink it in the morning, drink it throughout the day – you decide! It’s as easy as stirring one scoop into hot water – your daily helping of good health.

As for the taste and aroma, it’s like the best dark chocolate; enjoy it with your favorite sweetener or creamer, add it to your coffee, or drink it as is (hot or iced): natural, earthy, uplifting!

For thousands of years, the Mayans of Central America prepared a chocolate drink from the Cacao tree called “the drink of the Gods”.  This special drink was passed down from generation to generation and served to royalty, for the ancients knew of its power to rejuvenate and restore. The original recipe was quite simple…
ground cocoa beans and water.
Fast forward to today. Pure dark chocolate, or cocoa, is known in the health and wellness industry for being a “superfood”.  And for good reason, the health benefits are unbelievable!

Directions for use: mix one scoop of Tavala bru with 8 oz of hot water. Stir and enjoy! More or less mix may be added for your personal taste.

A bag of bru costs only $29.95 and contains 28 servings.  (All of Tavala’s products are a 28-day or 4 week supply!)

You can place your order here at www.DaveandJoy.com or call us and we’ll help you place your initial order.  802-846-7530.

Customers and Members pay the same low price.

If you lover dark organic Cacao, you’ll love bru!

Dave and Joy






7-Day Starter Pack of TAVALA TRIM

There’s a buzz on the street about a new product called TRIM, available exclusively through TAVALA.

If you’d like to “Try before you Buy” we have a 7-day Starter Pack available, while supplies last!


Tavala Trim is a NEW Thermogenic Weight loss drink.  It gives you energy & focus, boosts your metabolism, suppresses your appetite & cravings and helps you lose weight.  Many people experience a 5-10 lb. weight loss in their first 7-days.  (Several report 10-15 lb. weight loss but that is not typical of a 7-day time frame)

Can you use it while doing a traditional DIET or Weight Loss PROGRAM?

The Tavala TRIM works well with any dietary program like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Ketogenic Diet, Isagenix, Herbalife, etc.  It will simply SPEED UP your weight loss results.

The TRIM It is NOT a diet, you simply drink 1 TAVALA TRIM each morning. No dietary change is necessary, although you’ll naturally eat less due to it suppressing your appetite and cravings for sugary foods and carbs.

A  7-day Starter Pack is only $25 and that includes shipping and handling, or you can order a full 28-day supply at www.GetSlimwithTrim.com for only $64.99.

If you are looking for a way to BOOST your metabolism- you’ll love the TRIM.  You’ll also enjoy a boost in energy and focus.

Have questions or are you interested?  We’d love to hear from you.  802-846-7530 or info@DaveandJoy.com

Dave and Joy