When is it time to switch MLM companies?

  Do you know when is it time to switch MLM Companies?

Well, the short answer is, there is really no good time.  We found that we stayed a year or 2 longer than we should at our last company.  It just creeps up on you, we all can become complacent and used to the way things are.  Even if they stink!  We started saying, “It’s does stink that bad!”  What the hell happened to us?

 First signs

Here’s a couple of ways to begin realizing things are not working as good as they could be:

  1.  Your down line is stagnant.  Very few or “0” are moving forward, breaking ranks.
  2. Fewer and fewer people are showing up to your “Team” calls or webinars.  Many times its the same few people, who aren’t getting great results, but want to feel the team vibe.
  3. You’re having to run interference between your team and the corporate staff!  (your Team already gets it)
  4. Your check is going down due to nothing you’ve done!  We stayed a year plus longer cause we kept listening to the company, we call it drinking the Kool-Aid and not seeing what was happening.  We saw it, but were not responding to what was “real” only what we thought or were told was real.

These are all key areas that show up slowly, and lull us to sleep.

How it used to be!

Here is a short list of how it felt and your results when it was rolling!

  1.  We were having fun!  It didn’t matter how late it was our how many hours we worked  !
  2.  Our checks were going up every week !
  3.  Excitement was in the air and had the Team excited !
  4.  Great numbers and passion on the team calls !
  5.  A feeling of invincibility !
  6.  There were no excuses from corporate!

We get it, you likely know all this.  We’re not telling you something you don’t know, we’re just trying to nudge you out of a slumber and rekindle your passion and love for this industry or at least for the people you have helped.  You team is still looking toward you for the next step!

Leaders go first (Leaders may eat last, but we always go first!)  Time to make another scary decision, just like when you joined your last company….  there was at least some uncertainty, a stepping into the unknown.  And there was excitement!

Here’s the overview of what we found

If you’re a proven leader in this industry and are beginning to feel, “what else is available out there to have your teams grow?”

Products that people feel quickly (and that share easily)
No enrollment fees
No required autoship
Same price for members as customers
Getting paid more on customers
Super strong compensation plan (Uni-level) with 4 weeks bonuses from $350 up to $2000
Rank advance bonuses from $10k to $1,000,000

There’s more, but all of this doesn’t matter if shifting your company hasn’t crossed your mind.  I didn’t say shifting your course, because you have the same course (success, helping others, making a difference, and making great money) but simply shifting the company you keep!

Is it time to have fun and make money again?

For a confidential conversation, between you and Joy & I, reach out to Info@daveandjoy.com 

802-846-7530  home
802-777-9060  cell

Dave & Joy


Special Promotion for Dave and Joy’s Tavala Team 2/14-3/13 2018

Last week Tavala launched a brand-new promotion for NEW Tavala Members, called the “Race to Palladium.”

All new members who join Tavala from February 6th, 2018 onward who reach the level of Palladium within their first 28 days will receive their choice of a Apple Ipad 32 GB with Wifi, Apple Homepod, or Apple TV 4K plus AirPods. 

At this level it unleashes the $350 Lifestyle bonus and also qualifies you to earn a free 7-Day Caribbean for 2… and best of all- it gets your business off to a FAST START!

We were excited at this announcement but knew it left our existing members out of the contest and we felt they deserved an incentive as well.

 Dave and I wanted to give everyone on our team who has been a member PRIOR to the 6th of February the same reward…..We thought it was only fair that they TOO can qualify to win an incredible prize by reaching Palladium in the next 28-days. (thus, the 4-week blitz) 

So what did we do? 

We opened up the contest which Tavala calls “Race to Palladium” to what WE call “The 4-week Blitz to Palladium” to our entire Tavala team giving them the same chance to win prizes, only WE’LL buy the prizes! 

With the help of leaders on our team we have spread the word and expect the next 4 weeks to be one of the strongest in our Tavala Team history.

If you are anywhere in our down line organization (on Dave and Joy’s Tavala Team) you can qualify.  This is available for anyone who has never reached Palladium before.  If you are unqualified make sure you become active today by placing your order (30DC or greater).  A box of TRIM alone can qualify you.  Then make sure your subscription order of a minimum of 30 DC also runs by or before March 13th.) BAM!

TEAM MATTERS!   Join the team that changes lives and will support you to new heights…oh and a team that exudes FUN!

We look forward to purchasing dozens & dozens of iPads for our incredible team members that qualify in the next 4 weeks.  (or their choice of prizes!) 

What are YOU going to choose?

We’d love to hear from you.  Give us a call 802-846-7530 or email us at info@DaveandJoy.com 

Dave and Joy/Global Leaders with Tavala




Can you travel, make a difference & do your Business in Flip Flops?

As I sit here in my office looking out the window I see snow and a glimpse of what we call ‘stick season’ here in Vermont.  It’s the season where there are no leaves on the trees and it looks like STICKS are literally “sticking out” from the ground and from under the snowbanks. Luckily spring will be here soon and all of this will change.

This visual of flip flops and coconuts makes me feel happy and reminds me how grateful I am that we have the lifestyle and freedom to leave the cold weather behind when we desire and travel to warmer climates -when we choose.  Our network marketing business continues to thrive, and actually in reality, it usually grows as we are out LIVING LIFE by DESIGN making new friends and expanding our team during our travels.

We recently returned from Hawaii where we met some team members that we had only spoken to by phone or on a zoom call.  Network marketing IS a people business

Developing true friendships based on similar goals is a great way to align with people that have similar interests.  On our team, for example, our core values are: Integrity, Leadership, Rank Advancement and Living debt-free.  If people are not in alignment with those qualities, most likely they are not going to be attracted to our team or if they show up, they won’t stay long.  We pride ourselves on the quality and heart of our team.

If you are stuck in a job or profession that no longer serves you or that you don’t like- explore network marketing as an option.  It’s the only place we know as entrepreneurs where the average person … regardless of age, gender, background or nationality… can have the same opportunity to create wealth as the next person.  

It’s about desire.  We are looking for positive minded self-starters who would love to build a local (meaning USA) or international business that includes travel and team training.  If this interests you, let’s chat. 

Call us at 802-846-7530 or email us at Info@DaveandJoy.com to set up an appointment to explore the possibilities.  All training is in place for those that are ready.  It’s not a requirement on having experience in this industry, however if you do, and you are coachable, you could reach levels with Tavala that you had only once dreamed about doing.

Dave and Joy/Global Leaders with Tavala






Here is my Ideal Distributor…Who is Yours?

So you’re involved in the profession of Network Marketing? Great.  Good decision.

When you began did you sit down and think about the IDEAL person you want to attract to your team or did you simply tell EVERYONE who was within 5 feet of you or in your data base?

If you did not consciously decide who you are looking for perhaps you have a team that has a variety of people :  from the Wanda Whiners, the  Debbie Downers, the Ingredient and Product Gurus to the mlm junkies that jump from company to company- to the true entrepreneur who is committed to building a team and makes things happen.

Without focus or better yet, being clear on who you want to work with you’ll most likely end up with some of every kind of personality.  However CAN hone in what you desire on your team by doing a few simple things.

So grab a pen and make your list.

Here is something I’d love to share that has worked for us.

If you aren’t clear on who your IDEAL distributor (or member, or rep) looks like…. get quiet and LIST the ideal attributes of that person.

When I first did this I was impressed with how CLEAR my vision was on who I wanted to attract – but then I also had to look in the mirror and ask myself honestly if I AM THAT PERSON. OOPS, I was not.

True, the answer was NO.  So what did I do?  or what will YOU do?

Here is what I did.  I became a professional in the industry by educating myself, immersing myself in personal development and learning to become the leader I wanted to attract.  If I expect my TEAM to be leaders, what do I have to do?  I must become a leader as well.

Once things were in place and I felt like I aligned with my list of my IDEAL distributor … amazing things began to happen and they began to happen quickly….  I began to ATTRACT those people with similar attributes to my list and it happened quickly!

So make YOUR list of your ideal distributor and when you are done, read below to see OUR list of what WE we are looking for on our team.

  • A natural leader
  • Business Builder who has an annual 6 figure+ income goal
  • Positive minded and a Team Player
  • Takes responsibility for their own business
  • Plugs into calls-trainings-events
  • Does 3-way calls
  • Can afford the product
  • Comes in with business pack & trains others to come in with business packs
  • Is on a monthly subscription order- experience pack or equivalent
  • Has high integrity and Fun to be around
  • Has MLM experience and/or is coachable and trainable
  • Laser focused, not easily distracted and is Determined
  • Has no negative distractions-  Has a supportive spouse, partner or business partner – OR can make decisions on their own without negativity from others
  • Figures things out
  • Begins trainings of their own as they build their own team
  • Uses up line as a resource-not as an excuse
  • Has believability, a following or existing downline
  • Is a JOY to be around & a good sense of humor- in this industry you will need it!
  • LOVES the industry of network marketing
  • Is a professional- or BECOMES a professional network marketer
  • Has time freedom to do this business
  • Is passionate about TAVALA, the mission and products
  • Is a product of the product…uses them- exudes health and well-being by example
  • Helps with calls/trainings
  • Non-judgmental
  • Computer & tech savvy or access to someone who is
  • A Great Networker!!!!!
  • Organized
  • Has vision for “self” and their team
  • Keeps their word
  • Enjoys sharing new products with others
  • Superb at follow up and follow through

Yes, that is a long list of what is our ideal distributor, but by becoming clear on what we desire, and also being THAT person we wish to attract, we have become leaders in this industry…and you can too!

We’d LOVE to see your list and also hear how you began to attract those people to your organization by becoming that kind of person yourself.

If you are an MLM- TWEENER (in between companies and looking for a new ‘home’) give us a call.  802-846-7530.  We’d love to chat and show how the company we represent may be a great fit for you.

Dave and Joy                                        802-846-7530                      info@DaveandJoy.com         www.DaveandJoy.com



Where Else Can You Get These Things?

Thinking about earning more income this year? $$$

Achieving goals that may have eluded you in the past? 

Yearning to be a part of something that helps you grow as a person?

Yearning to be a part of something bigger than yourself?

Interested in meeting new people, going new places? Building long term relationships? Being challenged into growing your leadership skills?

Considering joining a network marketing company?  If so, good for you!  Here is a great question to begin with:  Its a question with only 2 words.

Where else? YES, these are the two words.          1.  where        2. else

The answer to this question in our opinion is no where else, other than MLM or network marketing.

  • Where else can you find community and culture?
  • Where else can you find a 4 year career plan to retire, with residual income after 4 years, if you choose to?
  • Where else can you find and experience personal development and education?
  • Where else can you be a part of a group of people who celebrate your success even if you are not directly on the same team?
  • Where else can you get into business for less than $100 and earn income your first week?
  • Where else can you join for FREE (Tavala doesn’t charge members to join) and with some effort on your part, begin earning income your first week?

All of the above are things that you receive by being part of a network marketing company.  There are many great companies and products out there so make sure the one you choose speaks to your heart and soul and is financially solid AND that you connect with the person who shares the opportunity with you. Make sure their culture is one that resonates as well.

What else to look for in a network marketing company?

Make sure you join with a team where leadership and support is in place.  It will shave years off your learning curve if you join with a team like the one we provide at Tavala.

Interview your potential up line and side-line team members before you join.  Ask questions of the corporate team as well.  All-in-all educate yourself so you are solid in your decision.

Enthusiasm- one of my favorite words and emotions actually ends with IASM or I am sold myself!

OK, so you have determined that your company is legit and ready to go forth.  Be coachable and trainable and be good at the game of ‘follow the leader’.  Enjoy your experience and share what you learn with your team.  Inspire others and be inspired.

Looking to join Tavala?  We have many reasons we feel our team is the team to join.  https://www.workwithdaveandjoy.com/why-join-our-tavala-team/

We look forward to meeting you!  Either way, we can be friends and champion each others successes in this amazing industry.

Dave and Joy/Global Leaders with Tavala