Why we Donate a Portion of our Customer Tavala sales to WEA?

Early August of this year I was telling my daughter- in- law, Brie,  that we wanted to create a foundation or better yet,  work with an organization that was already doing great things in the world, in particular for women and families, and their communities.

She told me of an organization called WEA and immediately after speaking with one of the co-founders, we made the decision to support this organization – Women’s Earth Alliance.

In their own words….

“When women thrive, communities and the Earth thrive. This is one of our core beliefs here at WEA because we’ve seen it to be true. Want to know more? Take a look at this short video sharing more about our origin story and vision for the future!”  Check out this brief video.  If you are moved, you too can make a donation, either a one time donation OR simply purchase any of our TAVALA products as a customer and we’ll make a 5% donation. (www.DaveandJoy.com)


We are thrilled to have decided mid-August to donate 5% of all our TAVALA customer sales (including sample sales) to WEA (Women’s Earth Alliance) and later this week we’ll tally up all our customer sales from mid-August and make our first of many on–going monthly donations.

So if you are considering purchasing any of TAVALA PRODUCTS (Trim, Control, Bru, Quantum Relief Strips, Alert and Snooze) know that when you order through our website (www.DaveandJoy.com) that a portion of your sales will help this organization and women and communities in need.  We AND WEA appreciate your support.







Doing great things, one person at a time…because we can.  Tavala has made if possible to contribute in ways that touch our hearts and this is just the beginning. 

We are all connected and in this together!  If you’d like to contribute to WEA in any way we’ll help you make the connections to make that happen.  If you’d like to donate your TAVALA customer sales to WEA or another organization that touches your heart, let’s talk.  802-846-7530

Once again, your customer purchases through our Tavala website will help Women’s Earth Alliance.  www.DaveandJoy.com

Dave and Joy/Global Leaders at Tavala




Joy’s Journey -Which Includes Bikram Yoga: Days 4 & 5

I wrote a blog yesterday explaining how I LISTENED to my intuitive ‘inner self’ and as a result am now fully engaged in a commitment to do Bikram Yoga- for at least 30 days.

Day 4

I’m not going to lie….  I am exhausted today.  It’s interesting how I can go to the gym, lift weights, play tennis etc. and not have the kind of fatigue I am feeling at this moment….but I am not complaining, it is a ‘good feeling of fatigue’, not a bad one.

When I woke up today I thought if I were still body building like when I was a competitive body builder at age 30, (incidentally- that was 30 years ago) I would definitely have taken the day off.

You need a day to rest, yes?  Upper body one day, lower the next or back and biceps, chest and triceps, etc.  This way you have a day for recovery.

I have not found what to do to fully recover from 90 minutes of Bikram yoga, other than to take it easy, stay hydrated and eat healthy foods before repeating it all over again the following day.  Heck maybe what I am experiencing- besides the dumping of and elimination of toxins is that I have not stretched my muscles, my ligaments, my arteries or my body like this in a very LONG time!!!!

Approximately 6 years ago my husband and I did P90X….. which incidentally in many ways is easier than what I am currently experiencing.  Every Thursday during that 90-Day program we did 90 minutes of “Tony Horton’s yoga”.  Dave called it “Yoga from HELL” as it was tough….but I have to say the benefits outweighed our dislike of that yoga routine.  Bikram is far better!!!!

Having been a personal trainer I remember how much I enjoyed doing the Beach Body P90X program because all you had to do was show up and push play.  I was not training anyone, I was BEING trained.  If you followed the instruction with good effort and form, you get results.  It was nice being trained rather than being the ‘trainer’.

The instruction is one of the best things I like about Bikram Yoga.  If I can just GET THERE and follow instructions and give it my best, I will receive the benefits.

In all honesty there is no room to have a big belly or muffin top when doing any kind of exercise, but especially with yoga. The belly simply gets in the way!!!!  I feel like my waist is already a little smaller in just 4 days.  Could that be possible?

Day 4 ‘down’…another fantastic instructor at Queen City Bikram Yoga today!  Alex was great!  I am impressed.

To bed early tonight, 8 pm.  I’ll apply new Quantum Strips on my arm and on my dan tien area tomorrow.  I know it helps.  Also I’ll add some of the TAVALA TRIM (drink that is a metabolism booster, gives you energy and focus, suppresses the appetite and helps you lose body fat!

    Day 5

I actually thought of getting up and doing the 6:30 am class today but I just couldn’t get myself going.  I am listening to my body.  GREAT class at 9:00 am.  Another great instructor, Stacie….I continue to be impressed with Queen City Bikram Yoga.

Bikram yoga is therapeutic~ there were a couple of gals there today who chose Bikram over traditional physical therapy post-injuries or accidents.  Their doctors are impressed with their recovery and things that they are now capable of doing that they were told they would not be able to do again.  That keeps me going. Yes, therapy…. exactly what I want.  Something more than just the physical.

Sweating toxins from the body has made my mind and body clear and cleaner in thought.  I am more deliberate in my thoughts and actions.  I like the new shift occurring.

Five Days Straight doing Bikram Yoga.  I am proud of myself!  But I am most proud of myself for both ASKING and then LISTENING to what my body, mind and spirit needed! 

Yes I show up each day and honestly do my best, but if I didn’t know WHY I was doing it I doubt I’d have the inner motivation or drive.  In some ways it is like business….once you find your WHY or reason you want to accomplish something and connect it with your ‘sweet spot – it comes to fruition.

In the past month Dave and I have accomplished what few have accomplished with Tavala, the company that has the Quantum Relief Strips I talk about wearing on my body.

We’ve accomplished a whole new level of success and several things have opened up… and I believe there are many reasons.  One reason I believe is that we now are looking outside OUR own personal success, /and what we can gain from more abundance which creates room for others growth and success. 

Another thing we have begun to do is to donate a portion of all our customer sales to WEA, an organization “Women’s Earth Alliance”.  I am so moved with what this organization is doing to help women (children and families as a results) all around the globe. http://womensearthalliance.org/

I’d love to hear from you if you have ASKED your own body what it needs and actually LISTENED to what you heard.

Did you like the answer or fight it like I did?  We are wise and yet the wisdom of our bodies is far wiser than our minds.

Joy Edgerton