Here is my Ideal Distributor…Who is Yours?

So you’re involved in the profession of Network Marketing? Great.  Good decision.

When you began did you sit down and think about the IDEAL person you want to attract to your team or did you simply tell EVERYONE who was within 5 feet of you or in your data base?

If you did not consciously decide who you are looking for perhaps you have a team that has a variety of people :  from the Wanda Whiners, the  Debbie Downers, the Ingredient and Product Gurus to the mlm junkies that jump from company to company- to the true entrepreneur who is committed to building a team and makes things happen.

Without focus or better yet, being clear on who you want to work with you’ll most likely end up with some of every kind of personality.  However CAN hone in what you desire on your team by doing a few simple things.

So grab a pen and make your list.

Here is something I’d love to share that has worked for us.

If you aren’t clear on who your IDEAL distributor (or member, or rep) looks like…. get quiet and LIST the ideal attributes of that person.

When I first did this I was impressed with how CLEAR my vision was on who I wanted to attract – but then I also had to look in the mirror and ask myself honestly if I AM THAT PERSON. OOPS, I was not.

True, the answer was NO.  So what did I do?  or what will YOU do?

Here is what I did.  I became a professional in the industry by educating myself, immersing myself in personal development and learning to become the leader I wanted to attract.  If I expect my TEAM to be leaders, what do I have to do?  I must become a leader as well.

Once things were in place and I felt like I aligned with my list of my IDEAL distributor … amazing things began to happen and they began to happen quickly….  I began to ATTRACT those people with similar attributes to my list and it happened quickly!

So make YOUR list of your ideal distributor and when you are done, read below to see OUR list of what WE we are looking for on our team.

  • A natural leader
  • Business Builder who has an annual 6 figure+ income goal
  • Positive minded and a Team Player
  • Takes responsibility for their own business
  • Plugs into calls-trainings-events
  • Does 3-way calls
  • Can afford the product
  • Comes in with business pack & trains others to come in with business packs
  • Is on a monthly subscription order- experience pack or equivalent
  • Has high integrity and Fun to be around
  • Has MLM experience and/or is coachable and trainable
  • Laser focused, not easily distracted and is Determined
  • Has no negative distractions-  Has a supportive spouse, partner or business partner – OR can make decisions on their own without negativity from others
  • Figures things out
  • Begins trainings of their own as they build their own team
  • Uses up line as a resource-not as an excuse
  • Has believability, a following or existing downline
  • Is a JOY to be around & a good sense of humor- in this industry you will need it!
  • LOVES the industry of network marketing
  • Is a professional- or BECOMES a professional network marketer
  • Has time freedom to do this business
  • Is passionate about TAVALA, the mission and products
  • Is a product of the product…uses them- exudes health and well-being by example
  • Helps with calls/trainings
  • Non-judgmental
  • Computer & tech savvy or access to someone who is
  • A Great Networker!!!!!
  • Organized
  • Has vision for “self” and their team
  • Keeps their word
  • Enjoys sharing new products with others
  • Superb at follow up and follow through

Yes, that is a long list of what is our ideal distributor, but by becoming clear on what we desire, and also being THAT person we wish to attract, we have become leaders in this industry…and you can too!

We’d LOVE to see your list and also hear how you began to attract those people to your organization by becoming that kind of person yourself.

If you are an MLM- TWEENER (in between companies and looking for a new ‘home’) give us a call.  802-846-7530.  We’d love to chat and show how the company we represent may be a great fit for you.

Dave and Joy                                        802-846-7530            



Joy’s “Experiment” with 2 different QUANTUM ENERGY STRIPS & what she found….

Sometimes it’s important to make a comparison with a product so others can make an educated decision which product is best for them.

Let me share a recent ‘experiment’ I did with 2 different STRIPS, that help with pain/discomfort….and bringing Quantum Energy to parts of the body that need it most.

I have been doing Bikram Yoga for 3 weeks now.  Today is Day 22…. in a row!  I believe in the POWER OF QUANTUM ENERGY…as everything IS energy.  I had heard a friend tell me that when he wears the Strips with Quantum Energy to YOGA that his balance and energy is better.  When you think of it, it makes sense.

The brief 1 minute video below explains how the Quantum Relief Strips work…check it out.

So now you can understand how the STRIPS work, here is my experiment I did in the last two weeks.

I compared two different Strips on the market, from 2 different companies.  Both hold Quantum Energy and both work…. but how do they differ and which one do I feel suits ME better?  That was my experiment.

The real reason I started Bikram Yoga was I had a ‘tennis elbow’ which limited my activities of tennis and weight lifting.  I knew I needed something so I sat quietly and literally asked my BODY and SPIRIT what it needed.  I literally heard BIKRAM YOGA.

Yikes, I didn’t want to hear that as I don’t (or didn’t) like yoga and would NEVER have chosen that on my own….but the voice was a loud whisper that I chose not to ignore.  Now 3 weeks later I am loving my new practice and my tennis elbow discomfort is almost gone!

So, what does this have to do with STRIPS for discomfort?  I began placing the Quantum Relief Strips on my elbow area, cutting each strip in half and placing above and below the elbow joint area.  It really helps with discomfort and inflammation.  In fact, I can not imagine doing Bikram in the beginning without the Strips.  In addition, I placed a half of QRS (Quantum Relief Strip) on my dan tien, just below the belly button.  It is great location as it is an energy source in the body and helps balance the CHI and CHAKRAS. (As I mentioned a friend swore his balance improved in yoga doing this and I needed all the help I could get with MY balance!)

I really believe the Quantum Relief Strips have made a huge difference in the past 3 weeks…and truth be told, the “QRS” (as well as other Strip) are intended to be worn daily for keeping the body healthy, the chi and energy in flow and for ‘health and well-being’.

Last week I stumbled upon a Mylar bag of an older version of a STRIP with Quantum Energy (called the PowerStrip) … it was something I have used in the past before the Quantum Relief Strips were created.  I decided to make a healthy and realistic comparison between the two Strips and to honestly assess which is better for me.

Day 1 using the older Strip version: I placed a half PowerStrip above my elbow and also below my elbow joint.  I also placed half below my belly on the dan tien.  I went to Bikram Yoga.  Now keep in mind, Bikram Yoga is done in a studio that is 105 degree temperature and 40% humidity.

Within 30 minutes of sweating the strip started to peel off.  Luckily due to the sweat, I was able to ‘press it back on’ over and over so that it actually did adhere most of the class.  Each class lasts 90 minutes.  Could I say this actually lasted the full 90 minutes?  I suppose I could, unless some of the active ingredients on the exterior were sweat off, which the way I sweat, is a possibility.  As soon as I left the class and my skin began to cool off, the Strips came off completely.

The half Strip below my belly lasted all day thanks to my waist band of my yoga pants.  When I did remove it, I had a rectangular imprint in that area that looked and felt like a sunburn.  Perhaps the heat of the room ignited the ingredients in the strip? That I don’t know.

A couple of days later I went back to the Quantum Relief Strips and placed them in the same areas on my body.  I went to Bikram Yoga 2 days in a row.   Although the Strips were still adhering in all three areas through two 90-minute classes and 2 showers,  I removed them and applied a new ones.  Each strip is effective for 48- hours.

For me, and this is only a personal observation, but FOR ME the Quantum Relief Strips work better and adhered superior to the PowerStrips.  Are both products good products?  Yes, indeed they are,  but for me and my active lifestyle with Bikram, baths, showers and occasional swimming, the Quantum Relief Strips, hands down, are a better value.  The cost of both products is approximately the same although for the Quantum Relief Strips through TAVALA, the cost for both customers and members is the same.  $64.99.

Interested in buying the Quantum Relief Strips?  You can buy a single pack (or more)  14 strips = a 28-Day supply.  Simply go to

Interested in trying a SAMPLE 2-pack of the Quantum Relief Strips go to  You’ll find information on that website that will help educate you on the benefits.

Do you enjoy helping others?  Interested in a home-based opportunity?  We are looking for other leaders to spread the Quantum Relief Product throughout the world.  Please inquire.  It is FREE to join.

Dave and Joy/ Global Leaders





Suffering from Chronic Discomfort? Quantum Relief Strips can help!

Are you suffering from chronic discomfort?
Introducing Tavala Quantum Energy Strips, the key to assisting your body in natural relief.

Feel the Power of Quantum Power!

Are you suffering from chronic discomfort?

       The body needs energy to heal.

That’s why in our Quantum Relief Strips we use a mineral called tourmaline, one of the most energy-conductive crystals on earth.

We charge these crystals with Quantum Energy. They release that energy into your body when the strip is applied, which provides relief to areas of discomfort.

Quantum Relief Strips are the premier Quantum Energy product on the market today….available only through TAVALA.  They are Dr. Min Soo Kim’s latest generation of strip.  5x more powerful than his first version and they adhere 100% better!

Everyone can benefit from using Quantum Relief Strips. Simply use and enjoy the benefits.

If you or anyone you know experiences discomfort, or wants to bring energy to the body to balance the Chi, the Chakras, the energy, share this link with them. and click on Quantum Relief Strips.

You can also give us a call at 802-846-7530 or email

We suggest experiencing the QRS for at least  28-days.  It will only cost $64.99 whether you are a customer or a member.  That is less than an HOUR massage!!!!!

Want to try a sample first?  simply go to    We donate 5% of all customer orders or sample orders to WEA, Women’s Earth Alliance.

Dave and Joy/ Global Leaders with TAVALA


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