Meet Cindy Burton- “How God Brought Tavala into my Life!”

Meet Cindy Burton – Thank you, Cindy, for sharing your story on how Tavala and the Tavala Trim came into your life.  It is inspiring and life changing!

                                 In Cindy’s own words!

“Well I finally decided to share my story of how God brought Tavala into my life.

I have lupus which is hard to cope with most days. I was in a very depressed state of mind due to not being able to work any more, not feeling like getting up and doing anything productive, etc. etc.

I found myself sitting in a dark living room just staring and getting more depressed every day. One Sunday I went to church even though I really didn’t want to but that is just what we do. Our pastor spoke about turning over to God the negative things that control our minds and let God handle it.

What controlled my mind at that time was my weight and the way I was feeling all the time. I turned it over to God and asked him to show me and bring me out of this horrible state I was in.

Three days later, Darlene Carson, a long time friend posted a photo of her weight loss on Facebook. I knew in my heart that God just gave me my answer. Darlene had tried twice to get me to try the product and sign up as a member but I told her “NO” (very emphatically).





I joined Tavala and bought the Builder’s Box because that is what Darlene suggested I do. I have lost 38 lbs. since September 9, 2017. I no longer sit in a dark living room all day. I’m not depressed and I’m building a great business that is going to help us financially.  Plus I plan on going on the Tavala cruise in November.

Above is my before/after photo for now. It is changing daily at this point.”

Welcome to Paradise!!!!!

You can join Tavala for FREE!   There is zero cost to become a member and customers and members pay the same low price.

Let Cindy guide you the feeling healthier and happier.  You can reach Cindy at 903-456-0526, by email at or join her team as a customer or member at

In OUR words:  “We are thrilled to have Cindy on our Tavala Team.  She’s a natural born leader with a big heart to help people.  If you are inspired by her story contact her today.  If you are looking to lose weight, reduce or rid pain, Tavala has products that can help you.”

Reach out to Cindy today! 

 Dave and Joy/Team Tavala


Here is my Ideal Distributor…Who is Yours?

So you’re involved in the profession of Network Marketing? Great.  Good decision.

When you began did you sit down and think about the IDEAL person you want to attract to your team or did you simply tell EVERYONE who was within 5 feet of you or in your data base?

If you did not consciously decide who you are looking for perhaps you have a team that has a variety of people :  from the Wanda Whiners, the  Debbie Downers, the Ingredient and Product Gurus to the mlm junkies that jump from company to company- to the true entrepreneur who is committed to building a team and makes things happen.

Without focus or better yet, being clear on who you want to work with you’ll most likely end up with some of every kind of personality.  However CAN hone in what you desire on your team by doing a few simple things.

So grab a pen and make your list.

Here is something I’d love to share that has worked for us.

If you aren’t clear on who your IDEAL distributor (or member, or rep) looks like…. get quiet and LIST the ideal attributes of that person.

When I first did this I was impressed with how CLEAR my vision was on who I wanted to attract – but then I also had to look in the mirror and ask myself honestly if I AM THAT PERSON. OOPS, I was not.

True, the answer was NO.  So what did I do?  or what will YOU do?

Here is what I did.  I became a professional in the industry by educating myself, immersing myself in personal development and learning to become the leader I wanted to attract.  If I expect my TEAM to be leaders, what do I have to do?  I must become a leader as well.

Once things were in place and I felt like I aligned with my list of my IDEAL distributor … amazing things began to happen and they began to happen quickly….  I began to ATTRACT those people with similar attributes to my list and it happened quickly!

So make YOUR list of your ideal distributor and when you are done, read below to see OUR list of what WE we are looking for on our team.

  • A natural leader
  • Business Builder who has an annual 6 figure+ income goal
  • Positive minded and a Team Player
  • Takes responsibility for their own business
  • Plugs into calls-trainings-events
  • Does 3-way calls
  • Can afford the product
  • Comes in with business pack & trains others to come in with business packs
  • Is on a monthly subscription order- experience pack or equivalent
  • Has high integrity and Fun to be around
  • Has MLM experience and/or is coachable and trainable
  • Laser focused, not easily distracted and is Determined
  • Has no negative distractions-  Has a supportive spouse, partner or business partner – OR can make decisions on their own without negativity from others
  • Figures things out
  • Begins trainings of their own as they build their own team
  • Uses up line as a resource-not as an excuse
  • Has believability, a following or existing downline
  • Is a JOY to be around & a good sense of humor- in this industry you will need it!
  • LOVES the industry of network marketing
  • Is a professional- or BECOMES a professional network marketer
  • Has time freedom to do this business
  • Is passionate about TAVALA, the mission and products
  • Is a product of the product…uses them- exudes health and well-being by example
  • Helps with calls/trainings
  • Non-judgmental
  • Computer & tech savvy or access to someone who is
  • A Great Networker!!!!!
  • Organized
  • Has vision for “self” and their team
  • Keeps their word
  • Enjoys sharing new products with others
  • Superb at follow up and follow through

Yes, that is a long list of what is our ideal distributor, but by becoming clear on what we desire, and also being THAT person we wish to attract, we have become leaders in this industry…and you can too!

We’d LOVE to see your list and also hear how you began to attract those people to your organization by becoming that kind of person yourself.

If you are an MLM- TWEENER (in between companies and looking for a new ‘home’) give us a call.  802-846-7530.  We’d love to chat and show how the company we represent may be a great fit for you.

Dave and Joy                                        802-846-7530