Meet Craig Johanson: ViiVA Chief Marketing Officer

ViiVA in pre-launch.

ViiVa’s Executive Team includes many seasoned executives.  Here we’d like to introduce you to Craig Johanson, Chief Marketing Officer of VIIVA.

TAVALA, a network marketing company of almost 2 years was recently purchased by ViiVA.  The partnership will bring the best of both companies together with an official launch scheduled for 1-19-19.

If you are like us, you’ll want to know WHO will be on the executive team. Here meet Craig Johanson.

Craig is a Chief Marketing Officer that specializes in start-up strategy, making the average become outstanding and the message become magical.  (WOW!)

(From Linked-In Profile) Experienced Chief Marketing Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and sales industry. Strong marketing professional skilled in Branding, Coaching, Sales, Network Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing Strategy.

Chief Marketing Officer/ Company Name QIVANA LLC

 Employed:Oct 2008 – Apr 2018/ Employment Duration 9 yrs 7 mos/Location Provo, Utah Area

“In his own words”…..

As the Chief Marketing Officer, I was responsible for all aspects of developing the corporate and product brand, messaging, and position across all communities and social platforms. Developed and nurtured relationships with some of the most recognized Olympians in the world and with product strategists with products featured on The Doctors, Good Morning America, Prevention Magazine and numerous other media outlets. The marketing, sales and promotional strategies led to achieving $1.3 million in sales on the first day of business.

Qivana was the first direct-to-consumer channel for natural product breakthroughs that were created in the top universities and with world renown scientists. Our products were distributed through a network in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, the Philippines and China. After achieving over $200 million in sales, Qivana was acquired in 2017 by a natural products conglomerate

VP Marketing/Company Name Xango/ Dates Employed: Oct 2003 – Oct 2008

Employment Duration 5 yrs 1 mo/Location Lehi, Utah

As the Vice President of Marketing, I oversaw all marketing functions and brand strategies during an explosive growth phase where sales went from $15 million per year to over $400 million per year. I was fully integrated into the sales functions and presented and trained at hundreds of meetings and collectively in front of tens of thousands of people.

Xango was the first company to commercialize the production of mangosteen juice. Xango concluded its first ten years of operation in November 2012 with sales operations in 43 countries, 27 office locations, 49 distribution centers, more than two million distributors, and about $2 billion in cumulative revenues.

Sr. Brand Manager/Company Name Morinda, Inc./Dates Employed” Jul 1999 – Feb 2003/ Employment Duration 3 yrs 8 mos/Location: Lehi, Utah

As the Senior Brand Manager of Nutritionals, I oversaw all the positioning, sales and marketing support and international product launches of all nutritional products, including the flagship product of Tahitian Noni which accounted for over 90% of annual sales.

Morinda, formerly known as Tahitian Noni International and Morinda Bioactives, a subsidiary of Morinda Holdings, Inc., is a multi-level marketing company that markets products made from the noni plant and achieved over $600 million in annual sales.

So what do you think????

Most people have heard of the companies that Craig has been with- even if you have never been IN network marketing, there is a good chance you consumed some of their products over the years.  Even if you are not familiar with the companies or products, it’s easy to see why the Executive Team is poised in growing ViiVA into a very successful network marketing company.

Not only is Craig Johanson talented and perfect for the job of CMO, he is a NICE guy with a friendly personality.  As of today when I’m writing this- we have only met by a ZOOM conference call, but we feel VERY excited and confident in everything we saw, heard, experienced…and important for us- how we FELT!  Those of us on the upcoming Tavala Paradise Cruise will get to spend quality time with Craig and others from ViiVA.

Our future with TAVALA : soon to be ViiVA, just got brighter.  Come join us!  In the next several months you can join our team for free and position yourself for fast growth when ViiVA launches.

Ask yourself these questions.

Did you join this industry to make a difference in people’s lives?  to be an influencer?  teach? inspire? network? make friends? build a new future for yourself and family? travel? earn more income? earn the BIG checks?  set up legacy income for your future and families future?  for retirement?  Whatever your reason, we believe it can all be accomplished by partnering with ViiVA.

The management team is incredibly strong and experienced both IN the field and IN management!

We look forward to growing ViiVA and hopefully you will too.  For those wondering about products, we’ll still enjoy our favorite TAVALA products…with some new additions.

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Dave and Joy/Global Leaders and Trainers




Tavala’s Amazon Gold … The Inside “Scoop”

I reached out to a dear friend and colleague, Keli McBride when the new Amazon Gold product was recently introduced.  I knew she would help us understand the magnitude of what we have in this one product.

26 years ago Keli began her career in the nutritional supplement industry where she learned that we have way more power over our health than we know! She was fortunate enough to work closely with her company Nutritional Biochemist as well as our Corporate Nutritionist.  She shared that early on, she learned the concepts of Alternative and Complimentary Medicines and how when medicine is necessary like antibiotics, we can then compliment that protocol with probiotics in order to maintain gut health.

Introducing Amazon Gold…..Tavala’s newest product! 

In her own words….

“I had a light bulb moment… Amazon Gold + Quantum Relief Strips are a Power Couple!

Amazon Gold has a significant SIDE BENEFIT (liver support) for people who have been on or are taking over the counter pain relievers or pain medication. We know how toxic those products can be on the liver so of course I saw a total marriage between Amazon Gold and the Quantum Relief Strips. I swear I heard wedding bells.  (Quantum Relief Strips are a natural product for the relief of pain and discomfort.

Click here to learn more. QRS Product Information

Keli went on to say, I am currently using the strips to reduce my medication for pain. I’m 3 days into the Amazon Gold and I am feeling totally AWAKE on a CELLULAR LEVEL!

I’m feeling like a sports car that just got my oil changed, a new filter, new spark plugs and a full tank of gas. My body just feels alert and ready. I remember having an experience like this before when I did a liver cleanse. Soooooooo, let me share.

The liver is the body’s primary filter. It converts toxins into waste products that the body will eliminate. It also helps cleanse the blood and metabolize nutrients. As a result, it needs a lot of love and support.

Nutrients like Antioxidants, Essential Amino Acids (substances the body CAN NOT make), B vitamins, Vitamins C & E and Minerals like zinc and selenium along with omega fatty acids are important nutrients that support healthy everyday functioning of the liver and are found within the whole food Super Foods in Amazon Gold! Anything that we can do to protect liver cells while the liver works to rid the body of toxins is critical to overall health.

Superfoods are called Superfoods because they are nutrient dense. Combining antioxidant rich Superfoods such as Acai, Camu Camu and Cupuacu with power packed and antioxidant rich whole fruits in one formula provides what I like to call WHOLE BODY SUPPORT. Amazon Gold is such a product because it addresses many areas.

Given the variety of naturally occurring nutrients found within all these fruits, Amazon Gold is able to benefit the immune system, liver function, skin health (help protect skin against oxidative stress and UV light), heart health, circulation, glucose utilization and vascular integrity. “*

If you are looking for a product to support optimum health, try the Amazon Gold today.  If you have any questions give us a call and we’ll offer our professional guidance on products that may also support your quest for health and vitality.  802-846-7530, or

Ready to order the Amazon Gold now?  Simply go to

Dave and Joy/Tavala Global Leaders and Trainers