What I like Best about Network Marketing…

As I prepare for a Zoom Webinar LIVE today on the topic of Network Marketing I began reflecting on why I love this industry and why it my chosen career path.

If you had asked me ‘WHY NETWORK MARKETING’ several years ago I would have emphasized more on the income that is possible in this industry.  Don’t get me wrong -that IS extremely important to me.  I do want the “super checks” and residual income.  But if I were to prioritize WHY I love the industry of network marketing there are other factors that stand out.

Not necessarily in this exact order, but a top priority in my life is that I love being my own boss and owning my own time schedule.  Yes, I have worked jobs where I had a time clock or schedule but I prefer to own my time.  This has become even more important now that I have adult children, grandchildren and aging parents.  I’m simply unwilling to miss out on significant events in their lives.

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#1 is TIME FREEDOM :    Along with Being My Own Boss means I can work with WHO I want, WHEN I want and HOW I want.   I choose to work with people who are positive minded, have high integrity, do what they say they will do and are TEAM players.

Sure, I have been my own boss when I was a personal trainer and transformational life coach, but there was no time building there and if I didn’t ‘work’ I didn’t get paid.  Very different!

#2 is network marketing offers me the opportunity to contribute to the lives of others in a positive way.  I get to inspire, collaborate, teach, learn/share, and be able to create what I want in my life and for others.  Up until 5 years ago my mother made comments that I should have pursued her idea of a dream career for me in teaching/counseling or health.  What she didn’t understand about network marketing is daily I teach, coach, counsel and talk about health all while making the difference in the lives of countless people.

Also, if you want to become a professional in network marketing, you truly do need to incorporate those skills as well as aspects of personal development.  It’s often said, Network Marketing is personal development or leadership factory ‘disguised’ as a business opportunity.

#3 is I get to work from home, or wherever I am, as long as I have internet service. This means flexibility and I can work in my pajamas or comfy yoga clothes if I

choose.  That may not sound important to some people but it is to me.

#4 Lastly, but not less important, is the income we can earn with Network Marketing.  If I continued as a personal trainer, life coach or in sales, the likelihood of me earning a 6-figure income would be slim.  Now it is my reality AND I plan on being a 7-figure earner in the not so distant future in this industry.

Along with income comes RESIDUAL INCOME.  Often when we are traveling or not focused on our business, our checks continue to be deposited into our bank account, and often grow.

Here’s a fun fact. Whatever you earn in network marketing multiply that by 200 and you’ll get the approximate amount of money you’d need in savings to earn that kind of income each month.

Do you know if you are earning $10,000 a month residual income in network marketing that it is equivalent to having a 2 million dollar asset?  The likelihood of having $2 Million in savings is remote for most, however earning $10,000 a month may not be…. in other words, it is doable!

Think about it.  The other thing I love about network marketing is you can do it VERY part-time or full-time.  It is your choice.  If you are in network marketing what do YOU like best about your career?  If you are not actively with a network marketing company and are interested in joining, please give me a call.  I’d love to chat about YOU and what you are looking for.  802-846-7530.

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Below is a post off Facebook. Enjoy!  Job vs. network marketing….

I went to an #Interview for a #Job👔 yesterday. When the boss asked what I wanted for #Compensation💰 I replied:
1) First I would like commission? ?💲💲 on everything I sell.
2) I would also like the #Opportunity to earn #Free 🆓 trips, bonuses paid in full, and lifestyle bonuses starting at $350 every four weeks going up to $2,000 every four weeks.
3) I expect you to provide me with my own #Website 💻and provide free online training all over the 🌎.
4) When I bring in any new sales people🙍🏼, I deserve to be compensated💰 a percentage of their sales and the sales of any new people🙋🏼 they bring in.
5) I would like the opportunity to rapidly advance within the company📈.
6) When I do well, I expect lots of #Recognition🎉🎈, and more bonuses💰💲💰. Did I mention all expense paid trips for me and my family?
7) I would like my #Friends👭 and #Family👪 to work here.
8) By the way, I need to set my own #Schedule,📅 and only #Work when it suits me and my family💺.
9) And last, but not least I want to earn awesome gifts like brand new #Apple #IPad #AppleTV #Apple #EarBuds
So when can I start????

After the owner recovered from shock, he roared with laughter 😂😂😂😂 “You must be sick in the head🙆🏼, or dreaming😪. You will NEVER🚫find an opportunity like that 🌎ANYWHERE🌎 and if you do, come back and get me, cause I want to work there too” 💁🏼 So I gave him my #Tavala business card & he joined my team 😜!!!!