Why Network Marketing is PERFECT for Women of All Ages?

Have you noticed how many women are in network marketing?  Why do you think that trend is growing?

I began to research the reason so many women are joining network marketing.   It’s a growing phenomena so I thought understanding why more women than ever are getting involved in network marketing and direct sales would be insightful.

According to Women United for Change (http://www.womenunitedforchange.com) Lawyers, medical and healthcare professionals, marketing executives, pharmaceutical reps, accountants, real estate and mortgage professionals, teachers, working and stay-at-home moms, nurses, athletes, baby boomers, college students, financial planners – women from almost every imaginable background and age group are joining this profession in droves.

Why? and Why Network Marketing?

Women today want to make great money AND still have quality time with their kids, spouse (or other important priorities).
They’re tired of glass ceilings, office politics and long commutes.
They want to be in control of their schedules, to work when they want to work (and take time off when needed).
They love building a business that pays them more (and requires less of their time) as it grows, and to have no limits on the money they can make.
They want to feel the work they do makes a real difference for others, and to be part of a team that supports and helps each other.
They sense they have a bigger role to play in the world, and want to make a real and lasting contribution.

A network marketing/direct sales business gives women the opportunity to accomplish all these things (and SO much more).

This unique and collaborative business is the best option for women who want to create both an exciting income and an ideal lifestyle (and who thrive on making a real difference for others).

                    Women Are Great at Multi-Tasking- Sharing and Building Teams!

Office Or Home Directions On A Wooden Signpost

Women are renowned for their ability to multi-task.  This is a great quality and strength to have in network marketing as you literally have to be very versatile and wear many different hats to run this type of business.

Women are Good Leaders-Women are Naturally Social-Women are Great Communicators-Women are Non-Intimidating-Women are Natural Nurturer’s- Women Offer the Right Kind of Motivation and Women are Quick Learners…

You know that women wear multiple hats and they want more: more for their families, more for their friends, more for the world, and even more for themselves.

At our core, we want it, and unfortunately, some women don’t know their options or are not excited enough to jump into something new.

Sure, there are a lot of ways to do it, and one of those ways is through Network Marketing. And guess what? As a woman, it’s in our DNA. Yes, Women were born to excel in Network Marketing.

I personally love working with other and helping other women as well as empowering one another.  In network marketing competition among women, for the most part, is more friendly than in the traditional business world.

If you are a woman and looking to earn additional income part-time or full-time, check out network marketing as an option.  It’s a great way to earn additional income in the ‘cracks of your life’ if you are already busy, and it has many rewards.

If you are an entrepreneur and wish to change careers or leave the corporate job/life but not give up an executive income, networking may be the answer for you.  It has been for me and the income, residual I may add, that comes with building a team right and getting paid over and over and over again, is worth it.

As for which company to join, only you can determine what that company is.  Please do your homework as hopefully this will be a long term relationship and you want to make the right decision on the company, and team you join.

Tavala is a unique network marketing company that is attracting both women who have never done networking in their lives, as well as seasoned leaders.  There are many reasons.  If you are interested in exploring the possibilities, please reach out to me.  info@DaveandJoy.com or call 802-846-7530.  I’m looking to mentor 2 women this month….

Dave and Joy/ Global Leaders 




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