Do you know where you are going? Do you like what….

Diana Ross sings about it, but do you really know where you are and where you are going in life? In her lyrics, she also asks if you like the things that life is showing you.

Do you? Sometimes we have to truly visualize what it is we want in life and we must open our eyes to the possibilities that life is offering us.

Many of us are often too caught up in the madness and rush of our daily routines that we stop thinking about where we really want to be in life and we miss important signals and opportunities because of the same reasoning.

Do you listen to your intuition?  It’s your soul speaking to you.  Follow it’s guidance.

Each day take a few moments to imagine your dreams and goals being fulfilled.

The more often you do this, the more you begin to realize the life path that you must take to achieve these dreams and aspirations.

Ask yourself: Do I like the things that life is showing me? If not, then what can you do to create the things and events that you would like to have happen in your life?

This is one of the first steps to rediscovering the passion and journey to a joy-filled and purpose-filled life.

If things come easy to you in a peaceful way, follow the path.

If life or a direction you are headed in is difficult and a struggle, change direction.

The beautiful thing is we are here as creative beings and can literally create what it is that we want, desire and deserve in our lives.  It begins by being quiet, and clear on what you truly desire…..and then holding that vision daily…live it.  Live it like it’s already here.

I always ask the Universe to make it CEO, Clear, Easy and Obvious, so I can’t possibly miss the ‘signs and signals’ that are shown to be daily…. (perhaps it could be through intuition or that quiet whisper or nudge?)

So ask yourself, Do you know where you are going, do you get what you are hoping for?  Listen to the song below and let it sink in.  I think you’ll find it inspiring.  I did.

Many people began understanding the power of intention and manifestation after the movie, THE SECRET became popular….but it’s always been available and is today, to all of us.

Sweet blessings on your journey.  One of the saddest thoughts for ME in this life is to take my last breath and not realized why I was here and didn’t become the person I was destined to be.

I’d love to hear your comments.  Was this useful?  Did it make you think?  Just writing it made me think about what it is that I want and had me asking myself am I getting what I want?

We can share our life and our journey…but ultimately our journey is soul driven and our own. It is my ‘fate’ to figure it out and create what I want.  I can attract, through vibration and human frequency people, situations and events in my life but in the long run, it is my journey.

Joy Edgerton/Transformational Life Coach….. turned Network Marketing Pro.

What I like Best about Network Marketing…

As I prepare for a Zoom Webinar LIVE today on the topic of Network Marketing I began reflecting on why I love this industry and why it my chosen career path.

If you had asked me ‘WHY NETWORK MARKETING’ several years ago I would have emphasized more on the income that is possible in this industry.  Don’t get me wrong -that IS extremely important to me.  I do want the “super checks” and residual income.  But if I were to prioritize WHY I love the industry of network marketing there are other factors that stand out.

Not necessarily in this exact order, but a top priority in my life is that I love being my own boss and owning my own time schedule.  Yes, I have worked jobs where I had a time clock or schedule but I prefer to own my time.  This has become even more important now that I have adult children, grandchildren and aging parents.  I’m simply unwilling to miss out on significant events in their lives.

Couple on a tropical beach

#1 is TIME FREEDOM :    Along with Being My Own Boss means I can work with WHO I want, WHEN I want and HOW I want.   I choose to work with people who are positive minded, have high integrity, do what they say they will do and are TEAM players.

Sure, I have been my own boss when I was a personal trainer and transformational life coach, but there was no time building there and if I didn’t ‘work’ I didn’t get paid.  Very different!

#2 is network marketing offers me the opportunity to contribute to the lives of others in a positive way.  I get to inspire, collaborate, teach, learn/share, and be able to create what I want in my life and for others.  Up until 5 years ago my mother made comments that I should have pursued her idea of a dream career for me in teaching/counseling or health.  What she didn’t understand about network marketing is daily I teach, coach, counsel and talk about health all while making the difference in the lives of countless people.

Also, if you want to become a professional in network marketing, you truly do need to incorporate those skills as well as aspects of personal development.  It’s often said, Network Marketing is personal development or leadership factory ‘disguised’ as a business opportunity.

#3 is I get to work from home, or wherever I am, as long as I have internet service. This means flexibility and I can work in my pajamas or comfy yoga clothes if I

choose.  That may not sound important to some people but it is to me.

#4 Lastly, but not less important, is the income we can earn with Network Marketing.  If I continued as a personal trainer, life coach or in sales, the likelihood of me earning a 6-figure income would be slim.  Now it is my reality AND I plan on being a 7-figure earner in the not so distant future in this industry.

Along with income comes RESIDUAL INCOME.  Often when we are traveling or not focused on our business, our checks continue to be deposited into our bank account, and often grow.

Here’s a fun fact. Whatever you earn in network marketing multiply that by 200 and you’ll get the approximate amount of money you’d need in savings to earn that kind of income each month.

Do you know if you are earning $10,000 a month residual income in network marketing that it is equivalent to having a 2 million dollar asset?  The likelihood of having $2 Million in savings is remote for most, however earning $10,000 a month may not be…. in other words, it is doable!

Think about it.  The other thing I love about network marketing is you can do it VERY part-time or full-time.  It is your choice.  If you are in network marketing what do YOU like best about your career?  If you are not actively with a network marketing company and are interested in joining, please give me a call.  I’d love to chat about YOU and what you are looking for.  802-846-7530.

Dave and Joy/Global Leaders with Tavala



Below is a post off Facebook. Enjoy!  Job vs. network marketing….

I went to an #Interview for a #Job👔 yesterday. When the boss asked what I wanted for #Compensation💰 I replied:
1) First I would like commission? ?💲💲 on everything I sell.
2) I would also like the #Opportunity to earn #Free 🆓 trips, bonuses paid in full, and lifestyle bonuses starting at $350 every four weeks going up to $2,000 every four weeks.
3) I expect you to provide me with my own #Website 💻and provide free online training all over the 🌎.
4) When I bring in any new sales people🙍🏼, I deserve to be compensated💰 a percentage of their sales and the sales of any new people🙋🏼 they bring in.
5) I would like the opportunity to rapidly advance within the company📈.
6) When I do well, I expect lots of #Recognition🎉🎈, and more bonuses💰💲💰. Did I mention all expense paid trips for me and my family?
7) I would like my #Friends👭 and #Family👪 to work here.
8) By the way, I need to set my own #Schedule,📅 and only #Work when it suits me and my family💺.
9) And last, but not least I want to earn awesome gifts like brand new #Apple #IPad #AppleTV #Apple #EarBuds
So when can I start????

After the owner recovered from shock, he roared with laughter 😂😂😂😂 “You must be sick in the head🙆🏼, or dreaming😪. You will NEVER🚫find an opportunity like that 🌎ANYWHERE🌎 and if you do, come back and get me, cause I want to work there too” 💁🏼 So I gave him my #Tavala business card & he joined my team 😜!!!!

Remembering Why I Started…. Joy’s Journey with Bikram Yoga and Beyond!

I don’t know about you but I must thrive on goals.   I don’t know if that is normal but most of my life it seems like I am setting goals- planning the execution (usually creatively) and then hopefully remembering to celebrate when I actually attain them.

Sometimes in the past I have built up to attainment and then when I reach it there is a let down….or I forgot to actually ‘champion myself in attaining whatever goal I set out to attain’.

  Has that ever happened to you?  Always striving to arrive and not really enjoying the process ?

In mid-August I decided to slow down and enjoy each and every day in a new and different way.  Since yesterday is the past and tomorrow is the future, enjoy TODAY for it really is the “PRESENT”….and today is all we have.

Recently I began Bikram Yoga.  When I joined it was with an intro of 30 days for $30….. meaning you can take a class each and every day for 30 days.  BAM!  I don’t know when I created the goal to do Bikram 30 days in a row,  but it has become my goal.

Funny thing is a month ago I never would have expected to do yoga EVER….and now here I am.  What happened?

Our bodies create opportunities to have things show up if only we listen.  My right elbow was my guide here as it became painful to play tennis and lift weights so I went ‘inward’ and asked my body & soul what it needed and I heard LOUD AND CLEAR, Bikram Yoga.  ????  Really????  (By the way, without a sore elbow I can almost guarantee I never would have choose yoga.)

I could have fought it, however at age 60 I am old and wise enough to act when I hear that ‘special whisper’.  I admit that sometimes in my life I have ignored that inner voice….and it took a lot longer to get where I wanted to go with the detour.  Not good or bad, just a longer journey.

Several people who know me well have asked what changed where now I not only wear yoga clothes as I always have, but actually I am now DOING Yoga?  Why did I begin and why am I driven?

Each and every day I wake up and remind myself why I started.  Like most 12-Step programs…. one day at a time.

So 20 days ago I look at myself in the mirror.  I didn’t cry but I also wasn’t totally excited with the woman looking back at me in the mirror.

I have always been healthy, strong and lean but the lady in the mirror looking back at me looked different.  Confidence was missing in her eyes!  So I talked to her and heard some reasons why I ought to consider the shift and why Bikram Yoga would be good for ‘her’, aka ME.  Although I have gracefully embraced my age, I have not embraced my body since menopause.

The most driving reason I am doing Bikram Yoga is I want to be healthy/flexible and have a healthy longevity.  I have a family I love, that include grandchildren and I want to be vibrant and healthy so I can see them grow up and can be a part of their world- and their children’s world.  I’m in a loving marriage and want to be healthy together til our last breath.

Yes, perhaps across the board I am healthier than most women my age, but it still doesn’t mean anything unless you are happy with how you LOOK and FEEL!

I see my parents and in-laws age and although they are vibrant in their own way in their mid to late 80s…. I personally want to be able to travel and explore and have the strength and health to do so well into my 90’s, if I choose.

Much of my life I have concentrated on my physical body and my physical health- perhaps spurred on by body building at age 30.  (Once again, another goal…can I do it and win after giving birth to 2 children 4 and 5 years prior?  I needed to prove to myself that I could!  Much like with 30-Days of Bikram Yoga)

Ahhh, the ultimate shape and size….body fat, etc.  OK, so I proved that I could reach a lean (unhealthy I may add) 8.5% body fat and win my category in a Body Building competition but that didn’t make me any happier.  In fact there was such a let down after that experience that I still can’t shake to this day.

Fast forward 30 years and the health I am seeking today is more well-rounded.  Not just the physical beauty aspect of what one sees in the mirror, but the soul-spirit connection.  Although some people think going to a zen yoga class that is gentle with spiritual music may feed my soul better, right now the challenge (mentally and physically) of Bikram Yoga is where I am at and fuels the challenge!)

Ultimately I want to love, appreciate and enjoy who I am in the world.  Don’t we all?  Since making ‘MY SELF CARE’ a priority it has shifted into other areas of my life.   Hallelujah!

Yes, without question part of the transformation is still the PHYSICAL BODY and one ‘must do’ is melting my men-o-pot (belly fat) so that I am a healthier and lean post menopausal woman.  Belly fat is toxic, unattractive and honestly, very difficult to have when trying to do yoga poses. (no kidding!!!)  Not to mention, clothes just don’t fit the same when your belly is large.


Working with TAVALA is very gratifying on many levels.  I enjoy mentoring other people who want to improve their lives either with their health (which includes WEIGHT LOSS with Tavala TRIM, or being PAIN-FREE and have vibrant energy with the Tavala Quantum Relief Strips!) Learn more here:

TAVALA for Wealth Building and Fueling Dreams!

I know that having additional income in all households offers additional options, no matter the current level of wealth.  It’s about a shift in consciousness with abundant thinking….not just MONEY!  When we have abundant thoughts we think beyond ourselves…which led Dave and I to discover an amazing organization that is doing great things throughout the world, for women.  (And when women are empowered, face it, families and communities are empowered!)

We recently partnered with an organization called WEA, Women’s Earth Alliance and are donating 5% of our customer sales to their organization each month.  This includes any of the products off our website, or even through our sampling site,  It may not sound like a lot of money, but in time, we hope it will add up to being able to make a difference in the lives of many.

So there you go… today is Day 19 doing Bikram.  I am actually looking forward to my ‘practice today’.  Will it be perfect?  YES and NO.  Yes for ME, as I’ll do my best, and that is all they ask at Bikram.  If you can do it – DO IT, and if not, at least do what you can… but do it ‘the right way’.

I doubt the majority of my poses today will actually look like those in a Bikram book- but this is OK.    Today is another day, another opportunity for self-care and self-love.  By filling MY CUP daily I am in a great position to help others in my life and beyond.

So what is YOUR goal?  Your STORY?  Mine is ever-changing and I like the changes.  It’s all about today and eventually tomorrow, but I leave my story from yesterday at the door.  Life Coaching taught me that!

If you are inspired to share your journey or how you may be able to relate, let me know.  I’d love to hear.  If you have ever set a goal similar that seemed insurmountable like 30-Days of Bikram Yoga is for me, please share.

If you are looking for a way to become the better version of you in the HERE & NOW, perhaps I can offer guidance.  I am a Transformational Life Coach although I don’t ‘practice’ that, rather I incorporate it in my life and in my Tavala business.

Joy Edgerton/ Transformational Life Coach/Busines Coach