Do you know where you are going? Do you like what….

Diana Ross sings about it, but do you really know where you are and where you are going in life? In her lyrics, she also asks if you like the things that life is showing you.

Do you? Sometimes we have to truly visualize what it is we want in life and we must open our eyes to the possibilities that life is offering us.

Many of us are often too caught up in the madness and rush of our daily routines that we stop thinking about where we really want to be in life and we miss important signals and opportunities because of the same reasoning.

Do you listen to your intuition?  It’s your soul speaking to you.  Follow it’s guidance.

Each day take a few moments to imagine your dreams and goals being fulfilled.

The more often you do this, the more you begin to realize the life path that you must take to achieve these dreams and aspirations.

Ask yourself: Do I like the things that life is showing me? If not, then what can you do to create the things and events that you would like to have happen in your life?

This is one of the first steps to rediscovering the passion and journey to a joy-filled and purpose-filled life.

If things come easy to you in a peaceful way, follow the path.

If life or a direction you are headed in is difficult and a struggle, change direction.

The beautiful thing is we are here as creative beings and can literally create what it is that we want, desire and deserve in our lives.  It begins by being quiet, and clear on what you truly desire…..and then holding that vision daily…live it.  Live it like it’s already here.

I always ask the Universe to make it CEO, Clear, Easy and Obvious, so I can’t possibly miss the ‘signs and signals’ that are shown to be daily…. (perhaps it could be through intuition or that quiet whisper or nudge?)

So ask yourself, Do you know where you are going, do you get what you are hoping for?  Listen to the song below and let it sink in.  I think you’ll find it inspiring.  I did.

Many people began understanding the power of intention and manifestation after the movie, THE SECRET became popular….but it’s always been available and is today, to all of us.

Sweet blessings on your journey.  One of the saddest thoughts for ME in this life is to take my last breath and not realized why I was here and didn’t become the person I was destined to be.

I’d love to hear your comments.  Was this useful?  Did it make you think?  Just writing it made me think about what it is that I want and had me asking myself am I getting what I want?

We can share our life and our journey…but ultimately our journey is soul driven and our own. It is my ‘fate’ to figure it out and create what I want.  I can attract, through vibration and human frequency people, situations and events in my life but in the long run, it is my journey.

Joy Edgerton/Transformational Life Coach….. turned Network Marketing Pro.

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