Does Tavala Trim Taste Good? Does Tavala Trim Work?

Does Tavala Trim Taste Good?

& Does Tavala Trim Work?

Ever since Tavala Trim launched ( November, 2016) there has been a BUZZ in the weight loss and supplement industry.  “New Kid on the Block and it works!!!!!”  “New Product Launched that offers QUICK results….you HAVE to try it”!!!, etc.  We are talking about Tavala Trim.

Quick Fix

Feeling “something” quickly is perfect for most of us as we in the United States (and beyond) crave things that offer a positive sensation to ones energy, mood and body….quickly.  We do, indeed, live in a microwave society, so much that the joke is that people stand in front of the microwave and tell the popcorn to HURRY UP!  Yes, I certainly felt a substantial boost in energy within my first 30 minutes of drinking my Tavala Trim… so much so, that day 2 I cut the pack in half and enjoyed 1/2 serving.  (If you are like me and sensitive to stimulants, we suggest starting with 1/2 packet on day 1, especially if you have already enjoyed your morning coffee.)  Feeling a boost quickly is a positive thing.  We all know great products out there, but many have to be consumed for up to 90 days before you actually ‘feel’ something.

Does Tavala Trim Taste Good?

The answer is YES, it tastes good!  People can LOVE a product and it can give the results desired (In this case, Energy, Focus, Appetite Suppressant, Metabolism Booster, Weight Loss) but if it doesn’t taste good, people will NOT use it.  Period!  I know this first hand as a product I recently marketed in 2015 worked for 50% of people who used it but it tasted horrible!  One batch in particular had people literally gagging and running for the toilet!  Even though many people liked the results – because the taste was undesirable, they would not reorder.  Bummer but true.

What does the TRIM taste like?

The Tavala Trim has been compared to tasting like ‘fruity Kool-Aid’ or a delicious berry drink.  Someone else said it tasted like a berry tea that she had at Starbucks.  Whatever the flavor is, EVERYONE I have spoken with has really enjoyed the flavor.  Hallelujah!!!!!

We find mixing the drink and pouring it into a nice glass -rather than in a plastic shaker bottle, seems to taste more enjoyable (not sure why) !!  Add ice, or not.  Either way we are confident that you will pleasantly enjoy the flavor.

Some people prefer the capsules stating that they can take the capsules in their pocket or purse,  swallow in the morning , as they are very quick to take and portable.

Does the Tavala Trim Work?  Can you tell me a little about it?

We could talk about Tavala Trim and share testimonials but we we find this short video below does a great job.  Simply click on the arrow and enjoy.  If YOU are looking for a product to help you lose weight and boost your metabolism you’ll love this.  You can also join in a 90 Day Challenge with the company.

If you like what you have read or seen, and would like to try the Tavala Trim there are several options.  You can go to or  Not everyone needs to try samples before they buy, but that option is available.

Customer and Members pay the same low price of only $64.99 for a 28-Day supply of Tavala Trim.  If you are looking for a business opportunity, we are currently looking for leaders and people who would like to be leaders on our team.  Call us or email

Dave and Joy


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  1. felo says:


    • workwithdaveandjoy says:

      Hi Felo…. side affects would be BENEFITS of boost of metabolism, energy, focus, suppressed appetite. We always suggest starting with 1/2 pack on day 1 to make sure you can handle the full serving size of 1….esp. for those who are sensitive to stimulants. If you have any concerns we always suggest taking with your physician.

  2. Christy says:

    How can I order some of this

    • workwithdaveandjoy says:

      Good morning Christy… yes you can order at or call us at 802-846-7530 and we can help you with your initial order. What are your main goals? weight loss? suppress the appetite? energy? other or all? We stand by our product 100%. Also if you know others who may want the TRIM you can become a member (no extra cost over a customer) and get paid for referrals. The choice is yours.
      We look forward to hearing from you.

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