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Weekly team webinars, Opportunity Webinars, Getting Started calls, Private Facebook groups and LIVE Training and Opportunity Streaming to Facebook

I can say that I have never seen better leaders than Dave and Joy in any network marketing business that I have been a part of . All the tools, skills , lead procurement, scripts and technical product information are all part of the package that Dave and Joy prepare for any business they get involved in. I couldn’t be more proud of my association with them
W A Read K
Leadership & Integrity x Love = Dave & Joy I am honored to be working with Dave and Joy for 3 + years! They are natural leaders, with the ability to guide and teach as a trusted mentors. You are in the right place at the right time!
April C.
New York, USA
Dave’s coaching skills are the real deal. He asked what I wanted to get out of our time and he has held me to it. He has a real gift when it comes to asking you deeper questions to the point where you come up with the answer together.
It is not in your face but it definitely helps you break down some of life’s walls. If you truly want to go to the next level and beyond, Dave certainly will help you get there.
Lee F. Illinois
Dave has successfully trained, guided, and supported so many to sustain a steady growth pattern of success in the MLM industry. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being high, Dave’s work has been heralded as a 10 by many companies, and many more success-seeking Independent MLM and Direct Sales agents. I will always give thumbs up for Dave’s training and coaching skills.
Brooke P. California

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