Laura Kimball Shares her Touching Story on Weight Loss & Drug Addiction

Meet Laura Kimball who openly shares her story and struggle with Weight Loss and Drug Addiction.

…In Her Own Words

“I never really had a problem with my weight growing up. In fact, it was simple being the skinny girl in school when you have a cocaine addiction. As soon as I found out I was pregnant with my first son I quit doing drugs and drinking. Since I quit my illegal diet program I really packed on the pounds. My midwife told me that gaining weight was OK because I was young and I would lose it. She lied!

Not only did I not lose the weight but I added more weight on through the years. When I went through my divorce in 2000 I turned back to what was once a comfort and familiar, drugs. I once again started my self-medicating with methamphetamines and lost 110 lbs. in the year 2013. 

My new husband and I once again quit doing drugs and once again the pounds crept back on. It wasn’t until years later, when my own kids were grown and gone, when my stepchildren had moved out on their own, and when we were done housing foreign exchange students and foster children, that I decided to take care of myself.

Through the years I had exercised and try different diet products as well as different diets but nothing really seem to work. November 2016 I decided to have gastric sleeve surgery. This seems like it may be an easy way out but it’s no easy ride. I was able to lose almost all the weight that I had wanted to but those last few pounds were stubborn. I was scared to death that some of the weight would come back. I have seen several of my friends who also had the surgery put back most of their weight if not all of it plus some. I was not going to fall into those statistics!

I decided to add Tavala Trim into my daily regimen to not only lose the last few pounds I had to lose, but to keep off any weight that may try to creep back on.

Since starting Trim I was able to lose those last 8 pounds as well as ward off any new ones. I have only been with Tavala for two months now but I’m looking forward to not only the freedom of being at my goal weight but also the freedom from financial burdens. I’m currently in the process of paying off all of my debt so I can fill one last dream.

My dream is to stay home full-time and be the wife my husband deserves. We want to be free to travel whenever and wherever we want. I believe that Tavala will be the answer to that dream.

If you are interested in the Tavala Trim or any other products that Tavala has, give Laura a call at 409-779-8125, or email her at laurakimball211@hotmail.comReady to place an order for the Tavala Trim? or Interested in earning money with Tavala? Simply click here:

In our own words:

“We are excited to have Laura on our Tavala Team.  Tavala offers opportunity and is knows as the Transformation Company.  It is a company that helps people PHYSICALLY TRANSFORM, as you’ve seen with Laura, but also offers a way to earn additional income, whether part-time in the cracks of a persons life, or full-time.  Thank you, Laura,  for sharing your authentic story.  I’m sure you will inspire a lot of people and encourage others to also be vulnerable and open about their journey.”

Dave and Joy/Global Leaders with Tavala


Meet Cindy Burton- “How God Brought Tavala into my Life!”

Meet Cindy Burton – Thank you, Cindy, for sharing your story on how Tavala and the Tavala Trim came into your life.  It is inspiring and life changing!

                                 In Cindy’s own words!

“Well I finally decided to share my story of how God brought Tavala into my life.

I have lupus which is hard to cope with most days. I was in a very depressed state of mind due to not being able to work any more, not feeling like getting up and doing anything productive, etc. etc.

I found myself sitting in a dark living room just staring and getting more depressed every day. One Sunday I went to church even though I really didn’t want to but that is just what we do. Our pastor spoke about turning over to God the negative things that control our minds and let God handle it.

What controlled my mind at that time was my weight and the way I was feeling all the time. I turned it over to God and asked him to show me and bring me out of this horrible state I was in.

Three days later, Darlene Carson, a long time friend posted a photo of her weight loss on Facebook. I knew in my heart that God just gave me my answer. Darlene had tried twice to get me to try the product and sign up as a member but I told her “NO” (very emphatically).





I joined Tavala and bought the Builder’s Box because that is what Darlene suggested I do. I have lost 38 lbs. since September 9, 2017. I no longer sit in a dark living room all day. I’m not depressed and I’m building a great business that is going to help us financially.  Plus I plan on going on the Tavala cruise in November.

Above is my before/after photo for now. It is changing daily at this point.”

Welcome to Paradise!!!!!

You can join Tavala for FREE!   There is zero cost to become a member and customers and members pay the same low price.

Let Cindy guide you the feeling healthier and happier.  You can reach Cindy at 903-456-0526, by email at or join her team as a customer or member at

In OUR words:  “We are thrilled to have Cindy on our Tavala Team.  She’s a natural born leader with a big heart to help people.  If you are inspired by her story contact her today.  If you are looking to lose weight, reduce or rid pain, Tavala has products that can help you.”

Reach out to Cindy today! 

 Dave and Joy/Team Tavala