Halloween: Do you know the origin?

October 31st…..  from Alan Cohen’s book, A Deep Breath of Life.


You must look upon your illusions and not keep them hidden….                            Illusions have no place where love abides, protecting you from everything that is not true.                                                                                    – A Course in Miracles.

      What is Halloween?

In our fascination with the monsters of Halloween, we forget that 

The lore tells that the presence of great spiritual light on All Saints’ Day calls forth all the unhealed spirits so they can be blessed and released. The process is similar to cleaning laundry in a washing machine. When the soap and water touch the garments, the grime is loosened, and it rises to the surface. To look into a washing machine during the agitation cycle, you would be repulsed and think that the clothes are getting dirtier, but they are actually getting cleaner. The muck must be extracted before it can be discarded.

While our culture has forgotten the spiritual origin of Halloween, you can make use of it. Are there any monsters lurking in the closet of your consciousness? Are you carrying any hidden fears, resentments, or grotesque memories that stalk you in the night? Are you annoyed by any emotional goblins that undermine your relationship? If so, open the door and let them fly away. Call forth the energy of love and healing and ask God to free you of anything that stands between you and your good.
Monsters are dangerous only when we run from them. No bogeyman has any power over us unless we feed it with fear and denial. Face your demons, and you will see they are illusions. Shine the light of truth of your basement, and you will have a whole new room to play in.

Give me the courage to move beyond my fears and be free.



I release the darkness to make way for the light!


Dave and Joy/ Global Leaders and Trainers