Joy’s Day 1- Tavala Trim

Joy’s Day 1 -Tavala Trim

November 29th 2016…. A day I’ll always remember!

A friend recently shared samples of a brand- new product called Tavala Trim.  The benefits that caught MY attention were the words TRIM, FOCUS, ENERGY and WEIGHT LOSS.  Since going through menopause, my metabolism has slowed down and my energy has shifted….. So I thought,  “What the heck, why not try a free sample????”

7-Day sample…

First of all, it was not just a 2-day sample but a 7-Day sample, (We now offer a 3 day Starter Pack – For anyone who looks at our part time income opportunity) – packaged nicely in a golden color envelope and beautifully displayed.  My initial impression was WOW, this looks amazing.  I hope it tastes as good – and works as well as it is presented!

tavala-trim-visualWe were prepared to try the sample immediately upon getting it from our mailbox so simply opened the packet and put it in 14 ounces of water.  (Directions say 12-16 ounces).  To my delight, it tasted GREAT and within 15-20 minutes I definitely felt more energy and focus.  This feeling actually continued throughout the day into early evening.  I couldn’t believe it.  On top of that, my appetite was reduced dramatically.  I can see how people can lose weight when cravings subside and your appetite is reduced, when your metabolism is enhanced due to the natural ingredients…and you have more energy to be active throughout the day.

Capture MENOPOTI look forward to assessing my results at the end of the week.  Friends who I have spoken with have lost weight with Tavala.  One dropped 10 lbs. in 7 days and another 6 lbs. in 7 days.  WOW, those numbers are impressive!!!!

Tavala Trim is available in capsule and in a powder that you add to water, which is what I am experiencing.  get-your-free-sample

Are you looking for more ENERGY?  More mental FOCUS?  An Appetite SUPPRESSANT?   Reduce CRAVINGS?  If so, you’ll love Tavala Trim.

Get TRIM before the New Year with Tavala Trim!!!!  Currently only available in the USA.

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We love our customers and are offering a free 3 day sample for anyone who takes a look at our business opportunity !

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